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Sunday, June 02, 2002

amanda peterson

My gosh that was an angry post. Normally I erase them after awhile but I'll leave that one there. I'm at work now and I want to be at home.
I think I did the new comments thing correctly (woo hoo!!!) And later this a.m., a Furby update.
'Dah Wee', the Furby, said my name last night. Once, and than sang a song. I tried to get him to do it again but to no avail. I'm going to try more later tonight.
For lunch later: 2 porkchops, rice, and greenbeans (with a generous portion of butter and salt).
I know I said a couple of posts ago that I love my job, but thats only really true when I'm not at work. I like it fine when I'm at work like today, but I love it when I'm not at work. I don't know what that means, but there it is.
Oooh, looks like they are showing Can't Buy Me Love on TBS, if thats why you came here please see the FAQ!
I wonder if jean jackets will ever come back into style. I wonder when exactly they did go out of style, it had to be in the early 90's I think.
I just had a disturbing thought. I just got my Furby "Dah Wee" to say my name. This great news, but eventually Dah Wee's batteries are going to die. Than I'll have to put new ones in. I hope Dah Wee doesn't lose his stored memory or whatever.
They brought free ice cream into work for the weekend. Yummm.
Wow, I just lost my last three entries for today cause of the Global Explorer link I posted, it expired and somehow erased my few previouis lines of blogger blabs. Hmmm. I guess I shouldn't do that again.
If I were reincarnated the one animal I would NOT want to be reincarnated as is the wildebeest. It seems like in every wildlife show about Africa some animal is stalking and killing a wildebeest. I guess thier like the aphid of the animal kingdom. Conversely, the animal I would like to be reincarnated as is the alligator. Cause than I could swim around in lakes and such and not have my irrational fear of an animal eating me, cause, you know, than I would be that animal that does the eating. Although, I couldn't kill defenseless animals so I would probably starve to death after a while.

6/02/2002 04:57:00 AM
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