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Sunday, June 30, 2002


One of the bummers about blogging is sometimes you sit there in front of the computer and have absolutley nothing to say. I mean, sometimes I just sit here (and I want to blog something) but absolutley nothing even remotley interesting (or even slightly noteworthy) has happened (like yesterday and the day before). I guess I could blog about current events and news and such, but its not like there aren't a million people doing that already. I think what I'll do from now on, when I want to blog something but I've got nothing to say, I'll just post (in bold tags of course) the word "Sqaut", and that will be my keyword for saying absolutley squat happened that day. Yup, thats what I am going to do.

Okay, onto what happened this weekend. I watched "Ghosts Of Mississippi", which was on five billion times on TNT. On Friday I watched the middle part of the movie, on Saturday I watched the beginning, and today I watched the end. It was pretty good, but having Whoopi Goldburg as Mrs. Evers just didn't seem right to me. In the really serious parts I just kept on expecting her to make a joke, or act her Star Trek part. Either or, when I watched the verdict today I was so totally riveted to the screen (even thought I knew what the verdict was). The last part (where the reporter asked her the one question) seemed so hokey, but it was cool to see that jerkface Beckwith dude get convicted. How the heck did they get James Woods to looks so old and not seem fake? I don't think it was the make up, as much as it was James Woods acting the part. Alec Baldwin was pretty good in it (loved him in 'The Edge"), I kept on wondering though, didn't he say he was going to leave the country or something? I think it was some type of politcal thing. I can't imagine any guy being married to Kim Bassinger, living in a huge mansion, and making a godzillion dollars, saying he's going to take off to France or something. Probably was some National Enquirer story. I do think that they should have kept him in the Jack Ryan series. Harrison Ford is a great actor, but The Hunt For Red October was just too cool of a movie to not have Baldwin reprise the role. I like his brother in 'Homicide' too. Gosh I am rambling.

In other news, I have the 4th of July off, which I will spend sleeping late, napping often, and eating a lot.Why? Because I'm an American and if I want to spend the holiday doing absolutley nothing I am gosh darn going to do it (nothing that is). My cats of course will celebrate the holiday under the bed and sofa cause the fireworks drives them nuts. I heard it has something to do with their hearing. What sounds loud to us, sounds like nuclear blasts to them.

Oh yea, Darcy, at the Dork Blog has new cool layout . Which means, when she gives up that layout, us here at your AP Site we'll probably steel the idea and have a cool dangling spider as well.

And this is cool news, Cocky Kitty is back online.

6/30/2002 08:20:00 PM
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