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Wednesday, June 19, 2002


Quite obviously, here at The AP Site, well, we're just not really the smartest of people.

If you read the last post you know that at 9pm tonight your Ap Site author was going to drive by the route 30 freeway webcam on my way home from work and my coworker Marco was going to be at the site and save the image of me waving out the window of my car, and we were going to post it here. (Don't ask why, well, we thought it would be cool!) What I didn't realize until I was approaching the freeway cam at a minute or so till 9pm, and what Marco didn't realize until he logged onto the Freeway cam was that at 9pm at night, it would be too dark to see anyone. It would be to dark to see anyone. That being said, I've got not a darn thing else to say tonight.
6/19/2002 07:33:00 PM
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