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Thursday, June 13, 2002


Random Junk

I've noticed latley I've been doing whole bunch of blogging. This probably has to do with (and I might have mentioned this before) that I just recently was put on one scheduled shift at work all time (the days I work are on a rotating weird kind of schedule) but its always the same shift now, which means I am getting into a pretty good 'every day pattern'. Well, I've also noticed that the more blogging I do, there are sometimes when I have absolutley nothing interesting to report and I just sit here and stare at the blogger thing and draw total blank. Kind of like tonight. So I'll just post random nonsense that I've been thinking about.
Probably one of my favoritist (thats not a word, I know) things to do is to read other blogs. I only have a couple or three blogs that I read on reguler (sp?) basis, but I love reading blogs at random. I usually find them through that "Recently Updated' list on the blogger home page or the "List Of Sites Reviewed" at the Weblog Review, and I usually only do it at work when I'm bored but its fun. But there is one thing that kind of is spooky. Every now and again I'll come accross a blog that suddenly just stops, with no explanation. The last entry will be in February or something like that and with no reason given the entries just stop. Thats kind of spooky. And sometimes if the blog has a comments section or a guestbook there will be readers (sometimes) that leave comments like "How come you are not updating?" or "Did you give up on blogging?". Its like the person just dropped off the face of the earth. It gets you thinking, what the heck happened with them? Did they just give up on blogging or did something else happen? There should be an unwritten code somewhere that says if you give up on your blog you have to announce it in your blog. Me personally, I certainly would. I can't see myself stopping though, I usually always have something to blab about. And if I don't, I just blab about nothing.
I certainly was wrong about the Skakel verdict. I so thought he would get off.
The Fox News website has been down all day. What the heck happened with that? Its still not up. I'm guessing it was (and is) one of those 'denial of service' attacks. Whatever they are.
Daypop has got to be the most interesting search engine there is. Its specializes in blogs and news and has a great feature "Top 40" that allows you to see what bloggers are linking to most every three hours. The latest quizzes are there, and some pretty gosh darn funny stuff. Also, somehow I was indexed by them, and we all love ego searching for our sites.
I've not checked my Hotmail account in a week and don't think I ever will. Too much spam and of course they are sending everyone spam cause they want us to bump up to the paid service. I use Yahoo for all my website related stuff now (cause you know, how many of us give out our "real" email address.)
I think we all have one email address that we think of as our "real email address", the one we give to family and close friends and stuff.
I am getting so sleepy.
It would be SO COOL to find out that one of the following people were alive and faked their death: 1) Jim Morrison, 2) Andy Kaufman, 3) Janis Joplin, 4) James Dean ("Giant" was one of the bestest movies ever), 5) Natalie Wood (Oh, would that not be freaky?!!!).
Every year the best college football team should play the worst NFL team. Oh, I so think that would be a great game.
I sometimes think I must be reincarnated or something, I can't get enough of The History Channel or TLC or A&E.

6/13/2002 08:26:00 PM
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