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Friday, June 28, 2002

The Who Resume Their Tour Without Entwistle, as they should, gosh darn it. This is probably the tour to see, I'm sure Peter and Roger will be so kicking butt (instead of mailing it in like a lot of the older groups do when they tour), probably going to be the last tour (I think Pete was pretty much ready to pack it in after this one anyway). According to MSNBC Pete was the only one recieving song writing royalties from the band's music. I guess Pete is the Benjamin Orr of The Who. (Benjamin Orr was that guy from The Cars that like wrote most of their hits and sang the lion share of their songs but somehow Rick Okasek is considered their lead singer, go figure?).
EIther or, time to go to bed.
P.S. I noticed that Cocky Kitty Dot Com has been inaccessable for the last couple of days. I hope this was just some weird server issue.
This is cool! I live so close to Three Mile Island (within a kilometer or two), but I've never seen this view of it before (courtesy of the Global Explorer Satellite and Cryptome Dot Org):

Eyeballing Three Mile Island

6/28/2002 08:58:00 PM
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