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Tuesday, June 11, 2002


WOW! Over four and hundred and fifty unique vistiors in less than 8 hours? My gosh. If you came here looking for what I wrote about Mozilla you can find it here. Or you can just scroll down two entries. A couple of the Mozilla folks linked the Ap Site in their weblog entries which sent so many visitors to us. Thank you Mr. Stuart Parmenter and Mr. Asa Dotzler !
Okay, so just like that person whose carriage turned back into a pumpkin, I'll get back to what happened to to your Ap Site author in the last couple days.
Sunday. Sunday is interesting. First some background. For the last couple months a stray cat has been tearing into my garbage bags (I leave them outside the backdoor and on garbage day I put them out front). So almost every morning as I am leaving for work I notice that the stray cat has tore into the bag and pulled out a ton of trash and spread it out all over the place. I put the bags in a trash can and the stray cat just tips the can over and tears into the bags. So a few days I am thinking; "Well the reason the stray cat is tearing into the trash is because he or she is hungry." So, if I eliminate the "hunger" factor, the cat will stop tearing into the bags. (P.S. I even know what the cat looks like, in the early evening he (or she) waits at the end of my yard, its a black tabby with two white legs). So I leave a bowl of dry catfood (I've got four cats, hence plenty of cat food) and a bowl of water on the back porch. Immediatley no more torn bags, just a half eaten bowl of food, which is super cool! I mean, I have no problems feeding this cat all summer, I've got a ton of cat food. Well, two days ago, while I was leaving for work (just outside the back door) was a dead mouse. Sunday morning there was a dead bird (and a pretty gosh darn big one). One of my coworkers told me that the stray cat I am feeding is hunting these animals and than giving them to me as "presents" cause I am feeding for her. Of course I can't stop feeding her (I mean, she is a beautiful stray) and I can't bring her in (I've got too many the way it is), I just wish she would stop killing animals to please me.
P.S.-I've named her "Juliet" cause my one male cat (Nick name-Romeo) who is just a week or so away from spaying (neutering) sees her the window at night yowls forever until I close the window.

6/11/2002 03:27:00 AM
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