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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Your AP Site Author on a webcam!!

I so want to see what is on this site Cat Boxing, but I'm at work and can't do it on the computer here, which totally pees me off. I mean I can see the site, but I can't play the video which is like "you can smell the ice cream, but you can't taste it".
Not too long ago (I think a month or two) I tried to get someone to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (without avail) by using the argument of "Yea, its set back than, but its really not a western." At least someone else sees it that way.

Remember some time ago I tried to get my coworker Marco to watch me on the route 30 freeway webcam? Well, if you remember Marco really screwed it up and forgot. Well this time we have estimated that I will be passing by the freeway cam at 9pm exactly and Marco has promised me he will watch and save a picture of me driving by. I will be waving out the driver's side window. If it works of course I'll post it here tonight, if it doesn't I'll just complain a lot about it.

6/18/2002 08:05:00 PM
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