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Saturday, July 13, 2002

amanda peterson

Since I'm stuck here at work all day I'll just blab infrequently throughout the day. To the casual reader, this may seem very mundane, but I'm sure should I ever have grandkids (or kids to begin with) in sixty years they will be fascinated (sp?) by my sharp wit, humor, and ability to complain about lifes most trivial hardships. And of course my ability to not use spell checker and just type "sp?" a lot.

I prefer the Rattle And Hum version of U2's "Bullet the Blue Sky" over the Joshua Tree version.

I just now wrote a poem:
"I wish I didn't have to work today,
I just read that George Michael was gay,
The Ceo of Enron used to be Ken Lay,
Two weeks ago I downloaded a song by Robert Cray."
Time to quit my day job.

I could be wrong, but I think that crunchy peanut butter was invented by a peanut butter factory worker who improperly blended a huge batch of normal peanut butter.

Unlike human cells or bacteria, Cooties do not contain the chemical machinery (enzymes) needed to carry out the chemical reactions for life. Instead, Cooties carry only one or two enzymes that decode their genetic instructions. So, a Cootie must have a host cell (bacteria, plant or animal) in which to live and make more Cooties. Outside of a host cell, Cooties cannot function. For this reason, Cooties tread the fine line that separates living things from nonliving things. Most scientists agree that Cooties are alive because of what happens when they infect a host cell.

I have the urge to stand on the top of my desk and scream like a maniac.

You know, me having to work like a dog can pretty much be blamed on my parents (and I've told them this). If they would simply have invested in IBM or Microsoft some twenty years ago I wouldn't have to work at all. Thanks a lot mom and dad.

I want a little cow too.

Oasis leader Noel Gallagher on the British media:

"The Media in England are very, very, childish, and they're very immature, and they're very (expletive) stupid, and they've got no class, and they ain't (expletive) cool."

Sesame Street to Introduce HIV-Positive Muppet This brings up a serious issue. Now what if The Count (you know, the counting vampire) were to take blood from this new character and than say, attack Big Bird or Snuffleupagus the next night, would they become infected? Or does The Count's vampire physiology destroy HIV? I guess no one thought of that.

7/13/2002 08:13:00 AM
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