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Saturday, July 20, 2002

amanda peterson

I was forty five minutes late to work yesterday, took an early lunch, and than around 1pm I faked an illness and went home early. Today though I'm stuck here at work all day.

The cool thing is though, even though I work today, I have next weekend off. So once again, like The Eighties Super Group Loverboy, I'll be working for the weekend.

A coworker is bringing me in one of those scratch off lottery tickets, its "a thousand dollars a week for life" if you win so, if that does happen, well lets just hope the shock of winning doesn't send me into cardiac arrest.

I dreamt last night that my cat Ricky had kittens, which is strange cause Ricky is of course a male. I consulted my dream interpretation book but the best I could glean from it was that it's a good time to make travel plans (but not actually travel).

A TV Show just for cats. I'll tell you this, if this new cat show goes up against one of my shows, its not gonna be my show that gets taped and watched later.

What I ate yesterday (oink, oink) in order:
1) Turkey club sandwiches (2) with potato chips and a slice of pickle
2) Jelly doughnut
3) Bowl of New England clam chowder
4) Jelly doughnut
5) McDonalds McChicken Sandwiches (2)
6) Pizza, 2 slices, with pepperoni
7) Slim Jims (2)
8) Sausage sandwhiches (2) with cheese and ketchup
And I actually think I'm forgetting something.

My Powerball Promise

Since Pennsylvania just now decided to join in on Powerball I was talked in to buying some tickets for it (I'm usually way too poor to do any type of gambling). So anyway, here are my numbers:

03-05-20-28-33 powerball 31

06 11 14 29 33 powerball 15

08 21 24 27 41 powerball 15

So if the powers that be deem it that I should be the winner I will give all four of my regular readers $50,000 dollars each, I'll actually for once pay back my parents (instead of you know just saying I will), start eating Froot Loops instead of the generic "fruity o's" I eat now, buy an Old Country Buffet restaurant just so I could go there whenever I want (this restaurant might have to be built near where I live). And I'll finally be able to buy all those tape and cd collections that you see in the commercials (you know, Awesome Eighties, and the like).

I just spent like thirty minutes on the internet looking for information on Ray Romano being in The Shawshank Redemption cause I don't remember him being in it, and I just found out my coworker actually said "Dr. Romano was in The Shawshank Redemption" (the one Dr. on E.R.).

7/20/2002 09:34:00 AM
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