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Thursday, July 25, 2002

amanda peterson

How dare they attack on my beloved Google! And oh yea, you are listed in the AOL Search Engine.

You know, The New York Times is a rag. Not only because of their subscription policy but for An Ill-Informed Stupid Article Like This. They mention Google as a factor in loss of privacy. They say how this chick put her name into google and found a bunch of stuff that she put on the internet, (webpage and stuff), well duh, if you create a web page, guess what, someone is going to find it. Now onto why the Times is a rag. They say when she eliminated her stuff online that google still kept a cached page of it. Did they mention that after you take your stuff down that it takes google a month or so to make the crawl, see its not there and eliminate it? Nope. The Times would be a good paper if they wrote more facts and less opinion. Obviously this writer wanted to get a point and didn't research very well. That, or the writer has a part time job at another search engine and is trying to bash google.
Okay, onto on how I know this guy didn't research at all. I noticed (and I wrote about it here some time ago) that when I put my real name into Google, this page showed up. Well, I kind of didn't want that so I emailed Google and they wrote back and told me what to do. It was just that simple.
They do mention a point about someone stealing someones name and email and posting in some type of newsgroup, but the way they seem to link Google to that problem is pretty lame.

7/25/2002 11:08:00 AM
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