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Friday, July 05, 2002

I have to say, my Fifth of July was better than my Fourth of July. On the 4th I was pretty much in a pissy mood all day (it was hot and not a darn thing on TV) but today was much better. I watched "Idle Hands" and "The Faculty", not great movies, but okay. Right now "An Officer And A Gentleman" is on A&E, which is cool, its a good "background movie", as in, its a good thing to have on tv when you are doing other things.
Of the two movies I have to say The Faculty was the better of the two. I would never have thought the Southern girl was the main alien, which now that I know she was, is so obvious its not funny. Especially how she talks in the beginning of the movie about feeling like an alien cause she is in a new school. The part in the beginning of the movie where John Stewart talks about being stabbed in the eye (jokes about it) and than thats how he ends up getting killed, well that was hilarious. I did notice that the frizzy haired kid from That Seventies Show was in it (briefly, he bought some drugs off one of the main characters). Whats weird about that is, he looks exactly the same in The Faculty as he does in That Seventies Show. Darn, I can't remember his name. (Hyde?) What is really weird about the movie is seeing John Stewart as a bad guy (a pretty gosh darn good bad guy at that). I will have to say though, The Daily Show was much better with Kilborn. Sometimes I wish Craig wouldn't have left Comedy Central, but oh well. Its just a bummer having to wait up so late to see him (which a lot of the time I just don't get the chance to do). Also, wasn't that Lilith from Cheers as the principle? The guy that played Elijah Wood's (sp?) dad seems familiar, I just can't place it.
Okay, "Idle Hands". It was okay to watch, something to pass the time, but otherwise, not a lot of great things to say about it. Micahel Caine was in a great movie called "The Hand" that was so much better (and pretty much the same movie just done 25 years earlier). At least I think it was called "The Hand". It might have been called something else.
Onto what else happened today. I went to the grocery store (the grocery shopping in this house is usually done once every two weeks) but its been like three weeks since it was done so I spent like a billion dollars just replacing stuff. While I was at the grocery store (in the check out lane) I saw the cover of People Magazine and according to what I read, Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie sperated. Didn't they just adopt a Vietnamese kid? Damn, those Vietnamese can't get away from civil war to save their lives (no pun intended, oh hell, yes a pun was intended). I don't know the facts cause I bought so much stuff I was to paranoid to buy anything else. I loved "Sling Blade" but anytime I see Billy Bob in an interview, he just says some pretty weird stuff.
And this is just plain hilarious: Palestinian bomb cat picture shocks civilized world.

7/05/2002 08:14:00 PM
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