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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

amanda peterson

I was watching TV today (I guess that goes without saying) and I saw a preview on one of the local news channels where they say there is a cat who can eat with a fork. They even showed a clip of this cat, at the table, with a fork kind of wedged in its arm bringing food up to its mouth. This put my mind to this other story I saw on the news about six months ago about this cat that actually uses the toilet (and they showed clips, it was actually true). Which got me thinking about my four cats. Who have no special talents what so ever. At least nothing that would make it to television. I mean they have talents, but nothing that is even remotley helpful what so ever. But what the heck, I'll list their "special talents".

Ricky-(named after Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy)-Ricky, when using the litter box, likes (before he goes to the bathroom) to search and dig up the old poop from the other three cats and paw it all out of the litter box. He will not use a litter box if there is anyone elses stuff in there. Luckily, he has pretty much decided to use one of the four litter boxes and the other cats rarely use it, but every now and again he does it to the other boxes (usually one when company is on their way over).
Lucy-(named after Lucy of I Love Lucy)-has the special ability to make people say; "Oh my gosh!" or "Damn!" or "Wow!" whenever someone sees her for the first time. This is in thanks to a glandular problem and an addiction to food that gives her the appearence of a furry basketball with four short legs and a short tail. She also likes to pee in the tub.
Boots-(all black with white feet)-when Boots drinks from the water bowl he lays on his side and puts his head into the bowl and drinks. He also won't eat from the food bowl, he prefers to paw it out of the bowl and eat if from the floor. He also likes to chase a flashlight beam all over the place (even when it means going head first into a wall). This is so not a good thing when the power goes out.
Mr. Black-(named because he is all black, and it just seems like he should be called 'Mister')-All I can say about Mr. Black is that he is "The Man". Sleeps at the foot of the bed, never gets in the way, never does anything wrong, and is definatly the "Alpha Male" of the cats. Occasionally will bop each of the cats on the head to let them know he is in charge. Occasionally seems like he wants to bop me on the head to let me know he is in charge. If any of the other three is at the food or water bowl and Mr. Black comes along, they get away and let him at them. Is huge (in a healthy muscular way as opposed to Lucy) with very long fangs and long claws (see picture on the left side menu). Mr. Black also loves car rides as opposed to the other three, who meow constantly and poop themselves.

Now onto the more serious stuff, I didn't know this til I read it over at The Dork Blog, but George Harrison's attacker has been set free. What the hell is that? Had Mrs. Harrison not been physically able to fend of the attacker they both would have been killed (brutally). Granted, Michael Abrams may have been mentally ill when he committed the crime, but how can you say he is cured? Mental illness isn't like step throat, you have no physical proof that said person had been cured. Except of course 'professionals' in the medical or scientific community saying so (the same folks that still can't agree wether Pluto is a planet or some astroid). It would be easy to say that this is some weakness in the British legal system, but if John Lennon had survived the attack by Mark Chapman, Chapman would probably be free right now (don't believe that, see John W. Hinkley, who is allowed weekend passes out of the hospital now).

And not to end on a sour note, this afternoon while looking on the five billion unmarked blank video tapes we have for a biography of Amelia Earhart, I came accross the movie Ravenous which I had taped from Sci Fi sometime in the last few months. Gosh that is such a good movie (don't watch it on a queasy stomach though). Its no wonder that it didn't to great at the box office, but fantastic at the video store (not something you enjoy while eating the nachos grande at the local multi plex I guess).
7/10/2002 08:04:00 PM
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