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Thursday, July 04, 2002

amanda peterson

If my body temperature is 98.6 degrees, why am I sweating to death cause it is like only 90 degrees in here?

Okay, I've had it. Its so stinking hot it feels like stinking Cambodia up here in the guest room and my gosh, its got to stop. This is Pennsylvania, not Mississippi or wherever. Aren't we a Northern state? Isn't supposed to be cooler up here? I'll take the frigid winters and the multiple feet of snow, but my gosh, at least give us decently cool weather. Okay, I know what you are thinking; "enough with the complaining about the heat" but I'm sorry. I may just post a billion words tonight about it. I can handle the mid eighties (with mild humidity) but for the love of God where does this heat come from? I always hear about cool air coming from Canada, and hot air coming from the South, this must be some type of Southern conspiracy. Pennsylvania's payback for Gettysburg? Must be. I was just in North Carlina the other week and it wasn't this hot. I'd post more but its just to stinking hot. Maybe more later.
Later 11:05pm
This 4th Of July I had the day off which meant (since a certain other person had to work) that I was home alone all day. Which (I thought) meant that I would be able to stay home and watch a billion good movies. After all, its the 4th of July. I'm sure there will be a lot of good patriotic movies on. Well, think again. Not a single good American patriotic movie on all day (not counting Raiders of the Lost Ark on AMC). No "Patton", no "Gettysburg", nothing. Nada. I mean, they didn't even show that movie (from A&E or TNT) that came out a few years ago about George Washington crossing the Delaware. What did they have on? Mrs. Doubtfire and I think A League Of Their Own. (Tremors was on TBS which kind of saved the day for me), but that was it. Oh, sure, "Independence Day" was on FX but FX played that a million times a few weeks ago and I am kind of sick of it now. I did watch "Mars Attacks!" though, which I can't really place into any category.
7/04/2002 07:11:00 PM
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