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Thursday, July 11, 2002

amanda peterson

My Orlando Experience

I thought I could peg down the month and year that we went to Orlando but everyone I asked about the Florida trip (dad, mom, sister) all gave me a different year. My mom and dad actually had an argument about it (my dad saying he could prove it was 1983 by pulling out some receipts, yea right). My mom insisted it was 1982 because thats the year they bought a truck for my dad's business (they actually bought the truck in 1984, but I didn't mention it), and my sister said it was probably 1981 but really couldn't get into cause she had a screaming baby to deal with and it was a long distance call for me and I really didn't want to talk to long. Strange thing is, not one of them asked me why I was asking in the first place. So lets say "early eightish". And it was sometime between September and June (cause I got out of school for it, I know that for sure).

I remember about a month before the trip our parents announcing at the dinner table that we would all be spending about five days in Florida, going to Disney Land, and to the beach, to Cape Canavarel, and Sea World. Of course we all went nuts, but really I was only going nuts and happy about it cause everyone else was (I was happy about missing school though). But I had issues with a couple of things:
1)I had just seen Orca and I saw nothing lovable or cute about a huge killer whale that liked to hunt people down like dogs and rip them to shreds.
2)I was terrified of roller coastes (at that time) I wouldn't even go on the kiddy ones. And everyone new that at the time the biggest attraction was Space Mountain (Epcot had not quite been built yet, it was a big half built metal globe like thing).
3)I hated the beach (especially the sharks that were just waiting off sure for me).
I was into the Cape Canaveral thing though, I really wanted to eat astronaut food out of the tube. I was definatly skipping on the Tang though, to me it tasted like sour cat pee or something (not that I ever tasted that to know, but I could imagine that cat pee would taste like tang, except warm, and a little less fruity).
Okay, (trying to keep this short) we were told that we would be meeting my Uncle Ted and Aunt Sally and their kids Mitchum and Kelly down there as well. Which was okay, they were our age and I had only met Mitchum once before and he seemed kind of cool (and he wasn't bigger than me so he couldn't boss me around).

Okay, one month later and we're down there. I think the coolest thing was the huge hotel in Orlando with the big pool in the middle (how they kept drunk folks from jumping off balconys into the pool is beyond me). Day one was just spent getting there and meeting up with my Aunt and Uncle.

Day two was spent at the beach, which was kind of a bummer, cause you are all exited about Disney Land and the space center. I pretty much sat on the beach and got sunburned. Luckily Mitchum had the same fear of sharks and sat on the beach as well, while our sisters swam around in the water and occasionally called us "panseys" or "nancy boys".

Day three was Disney Land. This was a lot of fun although when everyone went to space mountain (remember, my rollercoaster fear) I went to the General Electric House Of The Future where they showed you all the cool stuff that would be in use by the year 2000 (none of which happened, not a single robot doing the cooking). I especially liked the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ride. Its not there anymore now, they closed it down, but there is a actually a website out there that someone started that you can complain about it not being there anymore, I'll post the link if I can find it again.

Day four was Cape Canaveral (I have a feeling I'm spelling that wrong, you can also call it Kennedy Space Center.I got used to Cape Canaveral My dad wouldn't call it the Kennedy space center, he thinks JFK stole the election from Nixon and has nothing good to say about him). I did get to have the space food and get into one of those capsules. I remember asking the tour guide where the lazers on the ships were and he said there was none. I remember thinking he was lying about that.

Day Five
Okay, last day there and Mitchum and I are at the hotel room playing the dare game, you know, "I dare you to do this, or do that." Well I dare Mitchum to go steal some towels from a cart in the hallway. He does it and dares me to steal some soap and stuff from the same cart. I than dare him to go to the gift shop and steal something. Mitchum than says "I double-dog dare you to do it." Now, I had never heard of a "double dog dare" but Mitchum informed me that it was the highest of all forms of a dare, and if I did the dare, than I get two free "dares". So off I went to the gift shop. I remember being very scared (and one of my free dares I used to dare Mitchum to distract the counter lady). I remember there was absolutley nothing there that I could grab and stick in my pocket (nothing small enough) and Mitchum was running out of things to say to the lady to distract her. So I randomley just grabbed something off a shelf, stuck it in my pocket and liesurley (with a pulse rate of 220) got out of there. What had a stolen? Something every thief or crook would want. A small metal Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener. So, we were thrilled with that (I never dared Mitchum to do it, it was just to scary) and it pretty much left my mind. Until of course two hours later when we were all loading into the rental car to go out to eat. I wanted a window seat in the back so I had to wait til everyone got in and squeeze in myself. In the process of doing this the Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener dropped out of the my pocket and rolled under the car. I quickly reached under the car to grab it and my right arm hit something metal under that car (which had been running for a while) and I heard a "sizzle" and screamed like a banshee. Next thing I know my arm has this humongo (I mean, humungo) blister about seven inches long (it was probably only five but time adds you know) and it started getting this purplish hew, which spooked my aunt (my mom and dad were back at the beach) and had to go to the emergency room. I never did get the Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener, I explained it away as I fell out of the car and my arm kind of swung under it.
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