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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Off The Top Of My Head, Three Things I Have In My...

1) Four Readers Digests'
2) mouth wash
3) Oral B plaque remover
1) Bic lighter
2) one dollar
3) a small piece of paper with the a Pizza Hut order number (number 40, you know, so you can go up to the counter and say "order number 40".)
CD/Tape/Album Collection
1) Best Of The Doors
2) Loverboy's Get Lucky
3) Traveling Wilburys Volume 1
Movie/Video Collection
1) Jackie Brown
2) Jaws
3) Tremors
Living Room
1) A lamp that you can change the amount of light it gives out by touching it
2) A candle that I bought two years ago that I never lit (it looks like a cool ornament)
3) Coasters (that I don't use)
1) A huge fan
2) One electrical outlet (which so pees me off cause there's like a billion things I need to plug in).
3) A wash hamper that fills up to the point that clothes are falling off the sides (and laying on the floor) before I take it down to the laundry room
1) Scissors, which I never use
2) Stapler, which I used once about two months ago
3) Four cough drops (menthol eucalyptus (sp?)
Medicine Cabnet
1) One package of dust covered Johnson and Johnson band aids
2) One half empty bottle of Nyquil (well not Nyquil, the generic equivilant, "Nighttime").
3) A spoon. I have no idea why thats there, I just never thought to take it downstairs.
Book Shelf
1) Stephen King's The Stand
2) Preter Benchley's Jaws
3) The Melrose Place Companion (yea, this is embarrassing), I was into the show and I bought this book, I'm not proud of it or anything, but I was super pissed when Brooke drowned one there to help her.).
Plans Tomorrow
1) Stop at the store and buy coffee
2) Scoop out litter boxes
3) Tell my bosses (the Springsteens) that I am worth a ton more money than they are paying me and if they don't agree tell them that I am going to take my skills elsewhere and they will bo so sorry that I am gone!!!! Okay, back to reality: Tell my bosses that I need the afternoon off next Monday cause I have to go up North for a birthday party.

Oh yea, the Powerball drawing last night, we got one number right (one out of all the numbers we picked). Darn.

7/21/2002 09:22:00 PM
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