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Monday, July 01, 2002


A Pretty Long Story About How Me And My Friend Marvin Accidentally Killed Our Friend Jimmy's Cat, In 1987

Okay, this story is going to be a little long, but some stories just have to be told (especially the true ones). I was up north this weekend and I ran into an old friend of mine from highschool. We don't really see each much anymore cause I moved away and, well you know how it goes with friends when you move away. Well I was on my parents back deck saturday night (indulging in way too many adult beverages) and I saw a police cruiser go down the street and stop, and kind of just idle there in front of the deck, after minute the cruiser pulled into the driveway and out popped my friend Marvin (he's the weekend cop in my hometown, there two full timers for the week and Marvin on the weekend). The strangest thing about Marv being a cop (he's been once since 91) is that he has terrible eyesite and is flat footed, but oh well.
Anyways, Marv hung out for about a half an hour and I asked him if he ever much saw any of the group we hung with and he said no, not really, except that he did arrest Jimmey Oaksly for D.U.I about a month ago. (He said he didn't have a choice, it was a check point and the state police were there). Which leads me to this story. (yeesh I'm long winded).
Its June, 1987 (I don't remember the exact date) and me and Marv are spending a lazy day at my house watching some stupid movie and we get a call from Jimmy (we all called him Jimmy). He said he was stuck at his house (Jimmy lived in the huge house in the valley that had a yard that was like three acres or something), cause they were having a family reunion there. He tried to get out and come up to my place but his parents wouldn't let him. He said if we came down we might be able to sneak some beer (Jimmy's relatives were all getting pretty drunk). Normally we would have said the hell with Jimmy but he didn't mention 'beer', which is like mentioning poop to some flys or something. So we jumped into Marv's dads conversion van (Marv didn't get a car of his own for another year, and mine didn't have a.c.) and drove down to Jimmy's.
We pull up in front of Jimmy's house (there's no parking on the street) and we have to take this long gravel driveway (about forty yards) up to the front of his house to park. Marv is going really slow cause he is worried that a piece of gravel will pop up and chip the paint on his dad's van. I guess we really weren't paying attention to the road cause the reunion was happening outside in front of the house (they even had a couple tents out there). We saw Jimmy waving to us and a bunch of his drunken relatives waving too (I guess they thought we were another member of the Oaksley family, theres like twenty billion of them).
About halfway up the driveway the van hits a mound, or large rock and damn near tosses me out of the seat. I remember Marv cursing or something, but what I really remember is the look on Jimmy's face (and his relatives). Just a second before Jimmy is waving happily (along with drunken relatives), now he's got this wierd grimace, kind of like looking at someone who has a huge goiter or something. A bunch of relatives have a look of shock on their face (and even though we can't hear them cause Marv loved to play Steve Miller so loud you could barely think) some seem to be saying "Ohhhhhh!". Marv stops the van and is looking in the rear view mirror (the side one). I look in mine. About five feet behind the van is a lumpy furry brown and white furball. (Well, it wasn't in 'ball' shape, but you know what I mean.
Now I've always been one for taking responsibilty for your actions, but I have to say, Marv right than did the only thing he could do. He turned off the steve miller, looked at the horrified Oaksley clan, looked at me, and than put the van in reverse (yea, we did run over it again) and we drove away.

7/01/2002 09:07:00 PM
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