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Monday, July 08, 2002

amanda peterson

Yahoo Internet Life Goes American Gothic

I remember one night back in 1990 (or might have been 91) I was stuck at my parents house waiting for my parents to come home from a night at the Elks (I was waiting to bum money off them). Well, I sat in the living room watching TV and there was of course squat on. I channel surfed (thats an archaic term) and came accross this show called Twin Peaks. I was hooked immediatly. I was practically obsessed with figuring out who killed Laura Palmer (I even bought Laura Palmers Diary from Waldenbooks). Of course I guessed wrong but thats really not the point. Four weeks after I started watching it (the first episode I watched was I think the third) it was announced that the show would be canceled because of poor Nielson ratings. (The Nielson ratings being so full of crap of course that you could fertilize Death Valley, I've known a million people in my time on this planet and not a single one was a Nielson family, yet their the ones who decide what people watch).
Okay, fast forward a few years, I start digging this show called American Gothic ("There's someone at the door..."). Four shows later it is promptly canceled. Right than and there I was peed off I gave up on new shows. I watch a ton of television (more than I care to admit) but rarely do I start watching a new show til its in its second season cause I don't want to be disappointed (I watch a lot of movies and rerun sitcoms). Well now onto this news;

Yahoo Internet Life To Shut Down

If your not familiar with Y.I.F. its a magazine that Yahoo publishes. Nothing groundbreaking but its pretty gosh darn good reading, great to have in the bathroom, like Readers Digest. I read my first copy six months ago at the barber shop and fell in love with it. I remember taking the magazine to the barber's chair (which is so a no no in a barber shop, you are supposed to talk to the barber) but I was loved the magazine so much. My barber Norm said to me, "Take it home with you." I of course said no, the magazine costs like five bucks or something, he said don't worry about it, he subscribed to it for almost a year and they have still not sent him a bill (which might explain why they are shutting down). So I took it home and every month I waited for the next one to come out and immediatly bought it (paid real money for a magazine!). I've got seven issues in the bathroom now. And now they are shutting down. Gosh that stinks. (This was a long rant for a small point, but there it is). Oh yea, the same thing happened with Battle Star Galactica when I was a wee bit of a person. Gosh that pees me off.
Okay, now that I've got that out of my system my life experience story for Orlando Stories is almost done. I almost had it finished at work today, but a freakish thing happened; I had to do some work and it prevented me from finishing it.

7/08/2002 07:46:00 PM
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