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Sunday, August 18, 2002

amanda peterson

I had way to much fun last night. Why is it that the best fun always comes from destructive behavior? It would be so cool if excersizing (sp?) and eating right was as much fun as drinking and staying up late. Anyways, I'm here at work and I feel like poop. Which certainly isn't fun now.

I found this really cool game to play with my cat (who seems to enjoy it). On the linoleum floor, when he is stretched out, I spin him like twice. He jumps up and is kind of wobbly and it almost seems like he is doing the merengue. So I've named this trick "the catamerang". Get it?

Tonight our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers play the Washington Redskins. Two bummers to this. Number one, they are playing Washington and its preseason. Coach Cowher usually isn't all that concerned about winning preseason games, and I can't stand to see them lose no matter what type of game it is. The Redskins, on the other hand, are very much into winning any game.

Going out on a limb here, but I think the David Westerfield trial in San Diego (the Danielle van Dam murder), might very well end in an aquittal. (According to my nieghbor Spencer; "Maybe it should. I hate myself for saying this, but I'm not convinced that he did it. Not beyond a reasonable doubt.") Hmmm.

I just went through the job ads of the Sunday paper (not because I am looking, because I'm bored) and I have to admit, its pretty much slim pickens in the employment market nowadays.

My coworker just told me, that with the exception of Washington and Lincoln, the greatest President had to have been James K. Polk. I said what about Teddy Roosevelt? And she said; "No, not after he totally screwed over that poor President Taft." (Which, I guess, he really did). Not sure who my fav pres. would be though.


George Clooney on an earthquake in San Francisco:

"I came running out of the house naked with my pig, Max. My buddy Ben, who was in the guesthouse down below, came running out naked with a gun, because he thought someone was breaking in. Se we're naked like this, and my biggest fear was that we would end up getting killed and they would find two naked guys, a pig, and a gun."

If I was stuck on a deserted island for a year and only had one thing to eat every day, it would be Burger King Whoppers. Cause the Whopper pretty much has all the major food groups right in it already. And if I could get the whoppers with bacon, that would be good too.

8/18/2002 09:28:00 AM
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