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Sunday, August 25, 2002


Life In A Northern Town

Today was an excellant day to have off. (Today rocked!!!). I woke up around ten thirty a.m. and had a huge breakfeast. I mean huge. (And this is what was really cool about today); Last night, knowing that I wanted to just laze around all day, made my breakfeast the night before. Last night before I went to bed I made a cheese omelot (promptly stored it in Gladware), six pieces of bacon (promptly stored in gladware) three sweet Italian sausage links (promptly stored in Gladware), and set up the coffee pot so all I would have to do is turn it on. Heck, last night I even pulled out my coffee cup and put a teaspoon of sugar in it so I could get up and just pour my coffee into it (I did put it in a cabnet, I have cats you know). So, after I got up and ate like a pig (oink, oink) I started watching TV. And today Mr. TV did not disappoint (sp?) me.
When I first turned Mr. TV on, I caught the beginning (and watched it til the end) "Once Upon a Time in America" with James Woods and Robert Deniro (and some other good actors whose names I just can't seem to remember). Then, while dorking around with some cleaing chores and what not I watched most of Swamp Thing and Swamp Thing 2. (Not great movies, but pretty much fun to watch). Than I got done with my chores (dishes and some vacuuming sp?) and started watching Steven Kings The Langoliers which I am sure I just spelled wrong. I have to say (even though it had its moments of corny-ness, was pretty gosh darn good). I remember reading the short story but I don't remember from which book I read it. I'm thinking "Four Past Midnight", but I could be wrong. It was weird to see Bronson Pinchot as a bad guy (he's good at it).
And than to top it all off, I got The Deer Hunter on tape, thanks to American Movie Classics.

8/25/2002 08:45:00 PM
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