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Friday, August 23, 2002

Okay, this is freaky, Wayne Simmons dies in car accident. You might not know who Wayne Simmons is (unless your a Packers fan, or Patriots fan circa 1997 when they used New England as a whipping post in the Superbowl), of a Chiefs fan. Which is what makes this freaky. Simmons was a good friend Derrick Thomas, who played with K.C. when Simmons was there (if your team played K.C. in the mid nineties you know who Simmons and Thomas were). Derrick Thomas died a couple years ago from complications from a car accident. Pretty weird complications, he was recovering and had a blod clot and died just before therapy, at the hospital. Its just weird having these two great players, who played on the same team, die pretty much from the same cause. From what I am reading on the news, Simmons was driving like a madman and his car wrecked and caught fire and he died subsequently (sp?). Someone tried to get him out of the car before the fire spread but couldn't get the seat belt unfastened. I hate to say this, but I hope he died from impact. It would be a total bummer to find out that it was the fire that caused his death. I mean, for lack of having a pocket knife or sharp instrument this cool player died. Why the heck was he driving like that? Total bummer.
On Sunday I'm going up North for my mom's birthday. My dad, assuming that I'm totally broke, bought my mom something for me (I think Lady Stetsons), which is cool. It so sucks not to have a ton of money. I'd put one of those "tip jar" things on your AP Site, but I'm fairly certain none of my four regular readers are rolling in the dough.
What else is happening? I bought four of those things that are advertised on TV, the light things. You know, the kind you put in your closet or at the bottom of the steps (insta lights?) that you press and they light up.
And I bought four of those blue toilet things that you put in the comode and they keep the water blue.
Yup, exciting things happen here at Your AP Site. We're pretty much cutting edge here, with our blue toilet water and all.

8/23/2002 08:34:00 PM
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