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Friday, September 20, 2002


And Than Three Wiseman Brought Gold, Frankensense, And Chum (dead fish and stuff).

Just kidding there. From what one of my coworkers said, this is not uncommon when a shark has both male and female reproductive organs. Unfortunatly that kind of thing never happens with endangered species it seems. Of course when I asked my coworker how she knew about these kind of shark virgin births she said she saw it on the Discovery Channel a couple months ago.

Here's another weird thing. It seems like The Google Search Engine is indexing us, your AP Site, every day. It probably has something to do with our indepth reporting on such things as the Cootie Expose that we did two days ago. Thats just the tip of the iceberg though. You can be darn sure we are staying on top of this cootie thing.

Another weird thing, although this happend about a week ago and I've forgotten to mention it. I was heading Up North to visit my parents. I was also taking my niece Ashley back home because she had spent the weekend down here with us. On the way up there we passed a car that had a license (sp?) plate that said "HEC 666". I think it was a Maryland plate. Now here's the freaky thing, the folks inside seemed just your average joes. It was fairly new Dodge Intrepid with a clean cut guy driving, a not unattractive woman in the passenger seat, and toddler in the back. The perfect family. And thats what made it freaky, Why would a normal family unit have such plate? According to Ashley, that was either the Devil riding around on earth, or just a typical Satan worshipping family, on their way to vacation in New York now that they have done their seasonal sacrifices. I told Ashley she was fool of poop and needs to put her imagination away for a little while every now and again. She than mentioned to me that it was kind of strange that I didn't pass them even though they were driving a bit under the speed limit. I than told her to shut up and changed the subject. Cause you know, well, you know. Two things we don't mess with here at Your AP Site, the Satan folk and short people. Have you ever seen a short person in a fight? A real fist to cuffs fight? They fight like tigers, like wild animals.

9/20/2002 08:38:00 PM
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