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Wednesday, September 11, 2002


Here's an interesting observation. Here where I work I my cubicle is pretty close to a window (about four feet away), and my cubicle actullay has windows (which are a real pain to clean). Well where I work is close to the area where planes start descending to approach the Philadelphia airport (by air travel its less than fifteen minutes away). On the average one plane goes by every thirty minutes, I don't know about night time, I don't do nights anymore. Well, up until the last few months the planes were pretty much all the regular commercial kind. Every now and again, maybe once a week, you'd see a military plane go by. Now, at least twice a day I see very large military cargo plane go by. You've got to wonder where they are going. Or maybe I've just been paying closer attention latley and its been like that all the time. Hmmm.
I also noticed that if you use Netscape, you have to refresh my page everytime you visit it or else you don't see the current content.

And in news probably no one else in the world cares about, last night I roasted a chicken (with peas, green peppers, onions) which surpassed all the other chickens (in taste) that I've cooked all my life. I guess I was in "the zone".

And finally, an explanation of what The Code Orange Threat Alert means.
9/11/2002 03:47:00 PM
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