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Saturday, September 21, 2002

How lazy am I? Well on the way in to work today I stopped to get gas. I noticed when I pulled up to the pump that inside the gas station was someone I know. I didn't want to get stuck into one of those impromptu conversations so I used my credit card to pay at the pump. I should have titled this "How Stupid Am I?" I won't even mention the incredibly high interest rate I pay.

This morning before work I was looking for an old A&E "American Justice" episode I know I taped like a year ago. Well I have I think a half a billion blank tapes without any labeling and I knew it had to be on one of them, so I started going through them. I knew I wouldn't get done this morning, I figured it would be a two or three day job. I have to say, in the last few years I've taped some pretty strange stuff. Some of the things I found:

1) An episode of a show called "Club Dance" from TNN. It was a dance show but with all country music. I don't even like country music.

2)A full six hour tape of a "Growing Pains" marathon. I think I must have set the VCR wrong one morning and taped the wrong channel and left the house or something.

3)The E True Hollywood story of Abe Bagoda. I didn't know they even did one on him. Did you know Abe is still alive? This might actually have been the True Hollywood Story of Barney Miller, only a half an hour of it was on the tape.

4)An episode of the New Love Boat.

5)Our town's Halloween parade in 1996 (not that town I live in now, the town I used to live in). I think this was going on live so I set the vcr to record (it was on our local cable channel) and I went down to the townsquare in front of the cameras to get myself on tv and have it on tape. I didn't find myself in it yet, its a pretty long tape and I had to get ready for work.

9/21/2002 12:40:00 PM
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