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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I've had the last two days off. What excuse do I have not to post anything here? Well, try this. NYPD Blue is now on TNT twice daily, they have episodes of Law And Order also. USA showed a Tremors marathon (all three movies) that I taped over the weekend and had to watch. Also TNT had a six hour NYPD Blue marathon today, from 1pm to 7pm. At first I thought this was going to be the coolest thing, but after the first episode I realize they are not showing episodes in order. One episdoe you have Sipowicz 's (sp?) son dying, and the next episdoe Simone is dying and what not. I was very disappointed by that. Not so much that I turned it off though. Of course I did tape an episode of Jerry Springer which I haven't had a chance to watch yet. Probably won't either. Also, there were two good ER episodes on TNT as well.

Also one thing that prevented me from getting up to the computer on Monday is (and this I am not proud of) I took a dose of Nyquil around one pm Monday afternoon. Did I have the flu? Was I coughing, sneezing, nasally congested, or stuffy headed? No. I just wanted to take a nap. God Bless that green liquid of tranquility. Oh, that nap was King!!!

I also did a couple reviews. But not that anyone missed much. The only thing of note that happened to me in the last two days was I found I really good deal on chicken breasts at the supermarket.
A couple news stories I noticed:

John Lennon's widow says former assistant is exploiting the singer's image. Which is a problem for Yoko, because, than he would be moving in on her way of living.

KFC Customer Gets Pot With Chicken-The only thing extra I ever accidentally got from KFC was an extra container of cole slaw about a year ago. Which really was cool, cause their cole slaw kicks butt.

Come to think of it their mashed potatos kick butt too. Along with the rolls. And the chicken. And those chicken strip things too. And their spicy chicken. And their rotisiserry (sp?) chicken. Okay enough of this. I guess I shouldn't blog when I'm hungry.
9/24/2002 07:48:00 PM
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