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Wednesday, September 18, 2002


I've had the last two days off. In the spirit of personal achievmant I spent both of those days on the sofa watching Jerry Springer, NYPD Blue, Law And Order, The Trigger Effect, ER, Maury Povich, and a half dozen other shows I can't remember right now. I ordered only once from Dominos. Last night I went to Taco Bell and the night before I cooked steaks on the grill. Of course all good things must come to an end and I have to work tomorrow. Its weird after being off work for a couple days. The wierdest part is driving into work. It feels like its been weeks since you've done it. The cool thing is I only have to work the next four days and than I have Monday and Tuesday off which I hope to get right back to my couch. Oh darn, I almost forgot. The only reason I haven't found the time to update your AP Site is because TNN is showing the unedited version of the Godfather. I think they might be doing Godfather Part 2 tomorrow. I did finish off another review in the last two days. Hopefully I can do another one this Sunday.

9/18/2002 08:13:00 PM
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