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Monday, September 02, 2002

Labor Day!!!

Which means I have to work. If its a holiday, I have to work. I am getting Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter off, but any other holiday I have to work. I get the overtime pay (and for every holiday I work, I get one extra vacation day) but still it stinks. On the way to work, on the freeway, I noticed that there were two other cars on the road (one of which was a Pennsylvania Police Cruiser with a very bored looking officer at the wheel). I passed him in the 55 mile an hour zone. I was doing about 48mpr. I think he might have been day dreaming, he had a "dreamy" look in his eyes. Heck, I don't think he even noticed that I was passing him.
The other car was a dark red Chevy Impala with two old folks in the front seat.
On the way in to work I stopped at a Turkey Hill (a pretty popular convenince store here in PA), and bought a cheese danish and a large coffee. (At work we have one of those industrial coffee urn things, but its labor day, and the guy that usually runs it wans't working).
I got to work about ten minutes early. It being a holiday they only had two other people at work (they probably only needed one, but we over staff on holidays). I was scheduled to do five hours today, and I took two work related calls (six non work, family and friend calls) and did about fifteen minutes of work (ten minutes if you don't count the five minutes I spent trying to figure out the new fax machine). I ordered out for supper (cheese steak sandwhich with sauce, onion, green peppers, and cheese), and the "soup of the day" which ended up being broccoli (sp?) and cheese.
I have tomorrow off (thanks to working the holiday) and I guess I'll sleep late and wake up in time to watch Magnum P.I. (I hope) in the early afternoon.
Also tomorrow I'll expound (is 'expound' a word?) on my NFL picks of yesterday. Meaning, I'll explain how I picked the division and conference champions. I'd have done it yesterday (and today) but I'm exhausted now. So, more tomorrow!!!

9/02/2002 07:41:00 PM
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