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Friday, September 27, 2002


My day at work, and Eva Peron

I was getting my cat, Mr. Black off the top of the refrigerator this morning (he gets up there and cries till someone takes him down, he's not good at soft landings), and I lost my footing and lost hold of the cat. And this is how I know know cats do not always land on their feet. He's okay, can't say I feel really great though, my back hurts.

I'm not a big fan of E.R., but I have to say, last nights episode was fantastic. When Dr. Romano's arm got cut off, that shocked the heck out of me. I darn near choked on the chicken cheese sandwhich I was eating. Of course I couldn't finish the sandwhich.

Man in Wheelchair Scales World's Tallest Tower I probably couldn't do it, and my legs are perfectly fine.

I would love to know how the world bank protesters find the time to protest. Man, I would love to have some free time. It seems like there's always like a half a million folks protesting somewhere, and they all can't live in that location. I need to start making more money, and than find something I want to protest. I would prefer to protest in a warm climate, preferrably not near a holiday, and not on a weekend. I don't want to carry a sign either, just shout a slogan. I'm terrible at making signs.

I don't understand why I have to refresh to see anything new everytime I visit alot of sites (including my own).

According to the local weather guy, severe thunderstorms will be hitting around 8:30pm. Coincidentally the exact time I am leaving work to go home. I don't much mind driving in bad thunderstorms, its kind of neat actually. Its the snow and ice storms I worry about.

Finally off work!! I think in my last post I failed to mention a good thing about MSNBC, their special coverage section. There is some really good stuff there. Especially the picture stories. The bummer about them is they only do a new one it seems every six months or so.
Okay, so the storm hit at 8:55pm. I know the exact time cause I was on the freeway and had to slow the car down to ten miles an hour cause the rain was so hard I could barely see the car ahead of me (which was probably ten feet away), and the only visibility I had was inside the car. For the next twenty minutes traffic kind of just stopped. Every know and again traffic would move a few feet but pretty much everyone on the freeway stopped their cars and put their hazards on. I would have pulled off to the side (and I'm sure everyone else would have) but you couldn't see the shoulder of the road so everyone pretty much just stopped where they were.

"But who is this Santa Evita?
Why all this howling hysterical sorrow?
What kind of goddess has lived among us?
How will we ever get by without her?"

Well tomorrow, my sister is coming up to spend the night with us. Yea, its cool to see your sister and all, but she is bringing the DVD of "Evita". Which, I am so not ashamed to say was a great movie. I probably mentioned a billion times that Antonio Banderas stole the movie. I just wish I had a larger tv to watch it on.

And of course tomorrow morning is "pay the rent day", it so stinks to see so much money go away. Next month I am not going to pay my rent in cash. I'll just write a check. It so stinks to have a bunch of money in your hand, knowing that your just going to give it all away. It is cool to have a wad of money in your hand though, if only for a day!

And I have to get a haircut tomorrow (Saturday). I hate how my hair grows "puffy", kind of pumpkin like, before it grows long or anything. Although its been years since I had long hair. Probably because I hate the "puffiness".

9/27/2002 12:03:00 PM
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