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Saturday, September 14, 2002


Okay not so sound mushy here or anything, but I was at The Court TV Website today and I started reading all about the Skakel coverge. I remember a couple months ago I was thrilled that he was convicted and sentenced to a pretty long term in prison. But than I read his Statement To The Court. And now I am bummed out because he is in jail, and his son (its seems like the only person that really took care of his son was him) is living with relatives or something. Well, I don't know, you read it. Now I find myself wishing he was out on bail so that he can be with his son. I am so wishy washy when it comes to these things, its a good thing I never made it to jury duty.

I made a huge rack of beef ribs last night (and ate half of them). When I was done last night I felt like I was sick cause I ate so much. I remember saying to myself that I would never eat that many beef ribs again. Of course right now I am thinking about the other half rack of beef ribs sitting in the fridge downstairs. Will I learn from the past? Probably not. In an hour or so I will probably scarf down the rest of the ribs till I am so bloated I can barely move. So what you want about baby back pork ribs, beef ribs is where it is at. Tomorrow I work 11:30am til 8:30pm, and I'm sure I'll find to complain about it here. But right now, we've got beef ribs to deal with.

9/14/2002 08:02:00 PM
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