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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

You know how some families have a crazy aunt or a person in prison that they never talk about? Well thats how we are going to treat last nights Pittsburgh Steeler's game. We're just not gonna talk about it. We are going to go on blissfully about our week pretending it just didn't happen. Yup.

Okay so its garbage night here in town. I'm at work now and on the way home I have to buy garbage bags. Not the kind everyone else buys, I have to buy special "blue" bags. You see our borough will only pick up garbage that is in these blue borough bags. Each bag costs $2.75 and is pretty much the same size as a regular garbage bag. Its such a rip off. Some weeks I am spending close to twenty dollars a week. Your not even allowed to use an outside trash hauler. If thats not communisim I don't know what it is. Sure, there's no gulags or anything like that, but you know. I call it Blue Bag Communism. And you still have to buy regular garbage bags cause you have to have something to keep your garbage in without wasting precious blue bag space. What really stinks is like what happened last month, when I had like four dollars to my name and couldn't put all the trashbags out cause I only had enough money to buy one blue bag, and had to have three bags of garbage sit in the back yard for an entire week (I had to rebag them once because I was worried they would smell). You can say, "Well its your fault for not having enough money to buy the blue bags." But I blame the communists and their blue bags. I wish I could somehow counterfit the blue bags.

Well, it looks like the government has put us on a Code Orange Terror Threat Alert. That would be helpful if I had any clue what the heck that means.

Also, I've got three kittens in my guest room, thats a very long story, I'll explain more later. They are tentatively called; Meepers, Peepers, and Squeakers. Also another long story (more later, I'm at work and the important people are milling about).
9/10/2002 01:44:00 PM
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