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Sunday, September 01, 2002

amanda peterson

Your AP Site 2003 NFL Predictions

Okay, we've thought long and hard about it. Long and hard! We've examined tons of data (I'm a football freak you know, heck, I even know what kind of turf almost every NFL stadium uses). And I've got the predictions. For the sake of prosperity, right here, right now, I am going to predict (accuartly of course) all the division winners, wild cards, conference champions, and finally, the Super Bowl Champion of 2003. (If this turns out true, well, my gosh I am moving to Vegas).
But first, lets talk a bit about football. I know I read all the time about baseball being the National Sport or what not. Hogwash. Total B.S. there. Until baseball decides that they will play no matter what the weather conditions are like, they are not the national sport. How many professional sports teams play outside, here in Pennsylvania, in January? Hmmm...Just One!! Okay, enough hyperbole (did I spell that word right?). Okay, onto the predictions.

AFC East Division Champion
Miami Dolphins

AFC North Division Champion
Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South Division Champion
Tennesee Titans

AFC West Division Champion
K.C. Chiefs

AFC Wild Card One
Indianapolis Colts
AFC Wild Card Two
New England

AFC Championship Game
Pittsburgh Steelers verse Miami Dolphins

AFC Champions
Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC East Division Champion
Philadelphia Eagles

NFC North Division Champion
Green Bay Packers

NFC South Division Champion
Tampa Bay Bucaneers

NFC West Division Champion
San Francisco Forty Niners

NFC Wild Card One
Atlanta Falcons
NFC Wild Card Two
Seattle Seahawks

NFC Championship Game
Philadelphia Eagles verse Green Bay Packers

NFC Champions
Green Bay Packers

2003 Superbowl
Pittsburgh Steelers verse Green Bay Packers

2003 Superbowl Champions
Pittsburgh Steelers

And lets talk about my big weekend off. I spent yesterday spleeping late and watching TV. I don't remember exactly what I watched on Satuday but I do know I spent a lot of time napping and eating.
Today I saw probably the strangest movie I've ever seen. The House Of Yes with Parker Posey. You know, most folks probably thought this movie totally stunk. And at first this one did. But it kind of draws you in. I think I was drawn in by Posey's character when she was talking about her Jackie O. character (Jaquline Onassis) and how she replicated the pink dress and pill box hat (and used ketchup and dried macaroni to replicate blood and brain stuff on her dress) when she went to a costume party. I spent most of the movie thinking, well this movie stinks, but I couldn't turn away from it, I HAD to see how it ended.
I also watched U.S. Marshalls for the first time. Most people told me it stunk but I dug it. I started watching it thinking it would a lame rip off of The Fugitive. Not so, I only left the room for snacks during commercial breaks. Awesome ending. It must have been a Wesley Snipes day, cause right after that are showing Demolition Man.
9/01/2002 08:00:00 PM
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