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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Well, just about everything I guessed about the sniper was wrong. I guessed a white person (wrong), in their twenties (wrong), acting alone (wrong), no military back ground (wrong), no family (quite obviously wrong), and had no religous affiliation (wrong). I was right about him being a guy though.

"Colin Powell told me that acting alone was not in our long-term interests because, as he put it, 'No man is an island,'" Bush recalled. "Of course, I pointed out that America is a nation, not a man, and that lots of nations are islands, so I didn't really 'get' his argument."
Of course months after he closes shop (after being around for I guess years), I discover Satire Wire.

I've been made the "fire extinguisher" person here at work. Which means in the event of a fire drill I am supposed to grab the fire extinguisher and take it outside with me. Of course in the event of a real fire I am going to go running out the door like everyone else, certainly not going to take a few minutes to wrestle the extinguisher out of its wall mount. I suggested that who ever actually is on fire to be the person get the fire extinguisher (makes sense) but that was voted down.

What was Nick Nolte doing taking a date rape drug? And my gush he looks like heck in the mugshot picture. Of course, not near as bad as Yasmine Bleeth.
Yasmine Bleeth
Nick Nolte

About two years ago the company I work for issued me one share of stock (the only stock I have ever owned) and soon there after another big company bought the part of the company that I work for (not the rest of the company I worked for, that company went in the tank big time). Well not to long after I recieved my one share, which value at the time was 26.58 cents, the old company went down hill quick (its in the papers, oh it is in the papers). I still get notices of how my one share is doing once every few months. Right now it is trading at 11 cents, which is a fifty percent increase from three months ago. So I guess you can say I got burned by the stock market to the tune of 98 percent of my investments, or $26.47.

I wish the gasoline fairy would float over to my car and fill the tank so I don't have to stop on the way home. Or if not that, maybe the gas fairy could pay for my gas when I do stop. Of If I am brave, the gas fairy will prevent me from running out of gas if I don't stop.

"In Rocky III my character's name was Clubber Lang. I wanted him to be cutesy Mike Sunshine. The producers said no. That made me sad."
-Mr. T
Darn, now we are all out of Mr. T qoutes.

10/24/2002 08:52:00 AM
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