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Friday, October 11, 2002


According to This Fox News Article (second story in the article) The Beatles never allow their music to be used in movies until now with some movie Michael Moore is making. (well according to the article you couldn't use the Beatle version, you had to make your own version, singing wise). Well that just quite obviously wrong, I can think of one other movie that used an original Beatles song.......

The calender here in my cubicle has a picture of the ugliest dog I've ever seen. I mean, I guess just by its ugliness its unique, but its just so ugly. I can't change the calender and bring in my own cause we have a work policy about what you can and can't do with your cubicle (they give us the calenders). I guess I'm just stuck with him (I've named him Uggy).

This is neat. The other day I bought a box of books from the Salavtion army for like four dollars. A bunch of them were Readers Digest condensed books. The one, from 1958 had a persons school math homework stuck in it. Date on the homework- 12/18/59.

And of course, I must report, that just like The Eighties Supergroup Loverboy, I am working for the weekend, which should arrive in about four hours. I'd link to the Loverboy page, but it is websensed here at work for adult content. Of course there is no adult content there, just the words "lover boy" are websensed.

I've got that problem again (this happens like once a month) where one of my socks has lost its elasticity and its constantly falling down my ankle and driving me nuts. I think I am going to try to find a rubber band and use that to keep the sock up.

Ira Einhorn is on trial here in our very own Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With every big trial I like to predict the outcome, for the Skakel I guessed not guilty (wrong there) and that Westerfield one, after it drug out, I thought the jury was leaning toward not guilty, with this one, I'm fairly certain it will be guilty. Judging by my track record, that may be good news for Mr. Einhorn.

10/11/2002 08:57:00 AM
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