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Tuesday, October 15, 2002


I had a pretty serious rant here last night, but I dorked with it and took it away.

I watched about fifteen minutes of TV this morning before work. The first few minutes was a commercial by The Video Professor, the next thing I watched was that news conference in Baltimore about the MD Sniper. I found as much about what happened last night in Maryland by watching the video professor as I did by watching the news conference.

I agree when this news article puts James Brown and O.J. Simpson (Brown first) the top two running backs of all time. But I would replace Eric Dickerson with Franco Harris (or at least bump Dickerson down one spot). I mean, no Franco? As far as best running back who became an actor, that nod is going to have to go to the Juice, cause he rescued a cat in The Towering Inferno. Had it not been for the cat rescue, I would go with Brown.

The Deep Fried Twinkie. I know everyone has heard about them, but I've got to have one. I had a deep fried pickle at the town fair a few weeks back, and it was to die for. I like anything after it comes out of a deep fryer.

Cooties are all around us. Given good growing conditions, a cootie grows slightly in size or length, a new cell wall grows through the center forming two younger cootie cells, each with the same genetic material as the parent cootie . If the environment is optimum, the two younger cootie cells may divide into four in 20 minutes.
Scientists who study cooties try to create the optimum environment in the lab: culture medium with the necessary cootie energy source, cootie nutrients, cootie pH, and temperature, in which cooties grow predictably.

I wish there was system that notified you when sites were updated. Not like news sites that update all the time but other sites. So that you don't have to go to those sites if they are not updated. I know Angelfire used to have a system where you could sign up for email notification of an Angelfire member page. It never worked of course, but it was a cool idea. If there was a service that could email of other sites changes, that would be cool. Of course it would have to be free as well, cause I wouldn't pay for it cause I am cheap.

I'm still not over the fact that the weekend is over. I was really psyched up about this weekend, and it was really great, but I'm still bummed out that its over, and its Tuesday night. Normally I'm over being bummed out about a weekend being over by Monday afternoon or evening. Not that I did anything great this weekend. I went grocery shopping, and watched a lot of tv. Starz had a free weekend but as the premium channels normally do when they have a free weekend, they played a bunch of crap. Pearl Harbor was good but how they tacked on the Doolittle raid at the end kind of cheapened it. Probably only people who saw Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo are bummed out though (that whole movie was about the Doolittle raid, gosh that was a great movie). Its like they took a great historical event and tacked it on the end of Pearl Harbor just to make everyone feel good.

10/15/2002 08:35:00 AM
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