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Thursday, October 17, 2002


I've got an incredible craving for a milkshake. Any kind, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. It doesn't matter I just want one. The only problem is that I only brought 58 cents to work with me. I don't think there is anywhere that will sell you a milk shake for 58 cents.

Instead of surfing on the internet this morning I actually read a chapter of a book I bought. I real book, with pages and stuff. Of course I'm back to surfing now.

Okay, this might get long. But here it is. Three weeks ago I had a balance of like three hundred dollars on my credit card. So I paid it off (all of it) cause I was going away for a couple days and figured it be good to have instead of carrying around a real money. So about a week after I pay it (I did it over the phone through my checking account) I called to check my balance. The recording said my account had been put on hold. So I called them and they said since such a large payment was made, which is unusual for me they said (which is true but kind of embarrasing) their fraud people put a hold on it. They said they would call my bank and verify the name on my account and all would be fine. So I forgot about it and figured all would be fine. A couple days later I try to use it and it doesn't work (at a gas station pump so it wasn't embarassing I had other money). So I call them and they say the bank wouldn't verify my name. So I call my bank and let them know someone is going to be calling and to give them the info. They say okay. Three days later I check on my card and still on hold. So I call the my credit card company and they say they still could not get verification. So I call my bank and yell at them and they say they need a three way call with me and the credit card company on the line and so I can give permission while on the phone. I say than can we call the credit card company now, and they say no the credit card company has to call them. So I call the credit card company and we do our three way call thing and the bank lady is kind of pissy with me and the credit card company but finally gives the verification. I than say to the operator from the credit card company that I apoplogize (while the bank is still on the line) for the bank being such pissy people. The bank lady than promplty hangs up. Now I have to watch my account cause I think the pissy lady is going to sabotage it.

"Astonishing to think that three years ago Roger and I toured to keep shopaholic John out of debtor's prison."
-Pete Townshend
You can find the rest of what he said HERE.

10/17/2002 10:39:00 AM
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