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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

What do you call a person who, despite having to work all day today, stays up late, having to much fun, drinking to much, and than spends most of today at work trying not to barf, avoiding bright lights and loud noises cause their head hurts? Well, you would call that person (outside of idiot, ninny, twit) me.

Farrakhan Criticizes Bush on Iraq. Well, thats a shocker.

Yasmine Bleeth, sans makeup. Except for a playdough sculpture of Franco Harris, this is the most shocking thing I've seen in the last week.

I got an email last night from a guy who said he liked this site, but after my comments on abortion, he is not wasting his time here anymore. This is shocking for a couple reasons;
1)There was actually someone outside of my four (mabye three) regular readers actually reading this.
2)I've never written anything about abortion.
I mean, I think, a year and a half ago I might have said Phil Lucket (the ref that screwed up the Det. Lions-Steelers coin toss a couple Thanksgivings ago) mom should have aborted him, but my gosh, thats not even in the archives anymore.

"•ó‚­‚¶ 自由研究 " is the most popular search topic at Google Japan. I'm not sure what it means, but judging by the websense filtering here at work, it has something to do with gambling.

"When I go to restaurants, the waiters always ask me if I want a doggy bag. I'm tired of that. All you waiters, stop asking me if I want a mother****** doggy bag."
-Snoop Dogg

About an hour ago I ate some chicken and rice, I added to much salt to it which made me thirsty as heck. Which meant I drank like a ton of water. Which means, about half way home (around 9pm) I am going to have to go to the bathroom really bad. And there's no convenient place to stop on the way home. I just know this is going to happen.

10/08/2002 12:21:00 PM
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