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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Wow, this is a rarity. Here at work on the weekends what we watch on TV is decided by majority rule. Normally I am in the minority and never get to watch what I want. But thanks to the miracle of a coworker calling in sick, said person was replaced by another person, so now I am in the majority and we are watching The Lost Boys. Yea for the majority!

I have to say, The Lost Boys had one of the best soundtracks ever. I'm not a big fan of the People Are Strange cover done by Echo and The Bunnyman, I'd rather the Doors version, but what the heck, its better than nothing. I wonder whatever happened to Jimmy Barnes? I should google him.

Wow, I'm not the only one thinking about Jimmy Barnes now that the Lost Boys is on, its taking forever for his web page to load. I'd link it, but not till after I get in.

I was watching the first Friday the Thirteenth last night (while making potato stew) and noticed one of the actresses drinking a TAB. My gosh that takes me back. I can't remember the last time I saw a can of TAB (I always thought it stunk, but its nastalgic (sp?)). It reminded me about an old RC Cola commercial that had a happy tune in it;
"Me and my R.C.!,
Mighty good to me..."

I forget the rest of the words.

Bad Civil War Generals- I especially like how the author, when writing about Gen. John Bell Hood, says; "Hood also had a disturbing tendency to lose parts of his body at every battle." And on George McClellan; "The only human being who would fold with a royal flush."

I wonder if tonight at exactly 1am I blog something, and than wait a minute and blog something (before it becomes 1:01am, if my one post will erase the other post cause they happened at the same time. Okay, probably not. I remember a couple years ago when I was working third shift I would normally it dinner around 1am and I had to decide, do I want to eat my dinner at 1am or wait an hour and eat at 1am.

P.S. Your AP Site will probably be updated every day this week cause I have to work seven days straight (on purpose, I wanted a three day weekend without having to use any vacation days). What does that mean? It means whatever nonsense I am thinking at any given time you can read about! Cause I have nothing better to do. I'm sure everything I say will be deeply thought out before I post it. I'm sure. Deep thoughts, like my next post;


"Gonna keep on dancing to the rock and roll
On Saturday night, Saturday night
Dancing to the rhythm with a-heart and soul
On Saturday Night, Saturday night
I-I-I-I just can't wait,
I-I-I-I've got a date!"

-copyright bay city rollers (or whoever bought the rights to their music)

10/26/2002 01:32:00 PM
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