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Sunday, October 27, 2002


Well, I don't want to sound optimistic, but our Pittsburgh Steelers are now 4-3, and a head of the division. I'll wait four a couple more wins to do any type of bragging. I will say this, I was very disappointed in Plaxico Burress for getting tossed out. I mean, you have the lead (and a big one), why do anything to jeopardize that?

I made meatballs last night so that I could have a couple meatball subs at work today. I hate dragging plates to work and its hard to pack a meatball sub into gladware. So what I did was put two steak rolls into a large ziplock bag, and took to freezer bags and in each one put enough meatballs and sauce for one sandwhich. I figured than I could just heat up the bag and poor the saucy meatball goodness onto the roll and than eat it like that. And of course when I heated up the first bag of meatballs the microwave completly melted the freezer bag into the meatballs rendering them unfit for eating. Now I have no gladware to heat up the meatballs and I am left with two steak buns and a bag of cold meatballs and sauce. So for dinner tonight; steak rolls (and cupcakes from the snack machine).

This is cool. I just stepped outside to get some fresh air. Here at work there is a pretty big parking lot, on Sundays there's usually on a couple cars out there and nothing interesting happening. Well once I watched one of my coworkers get arrested (thats a long story I'll get to it some day). Well when I stepped outside I noticed a little silver Mazda with two people in it parked about thirty yards away. A guy and a girl and it looked like they were arguing (guy in passenger seat). Well it would be rude to just stand there gawking at them so I did the only thing I could do. There's a phone next to the employee entrance door, it used to call into the builiding if you left your security card at home. So I pick up that phone and make like I am on the phone while I watch the drama unfold. The guy gets out and slams the door and starts walking away. He sits down on the grass that is like only twenty yards away from me and puts his head in his hands and starts crying. That was kind of shocking, you don't see that everyday. Well than the silver mazda pulls up along side him and the girl in the car yells out something to the effect of "stop being such a baby." and the guy gets in the car (still kind of crying) and they drive away. I would love to know what that was all about.

LA County Jail Information On Inmate No. 7253166, or as the rest of us know him; Robert Blake.

10/27/2002 01:54:00 PM
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