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Friday, October 25, 2002

amanda peterson

The Moribund The Burgermeister Curse
Okay, this is probably going to be the dumbest superstition you ever heard. This morning on the way out of the house I was in a hurry and grabbed a bunch of cassette tapes to listen to on the way into work. I didn't have time to look through which ones I wanted, but I figured if I grab three or four there's got to be good one in there. So I jump in the car and as I am backing out I am also putting a tape into the tape deck (not really looking at the tape), well when I realized what the tape was I slammed on the breaks and took the tape out as quick as possible.
Jump back to 1987, its like january and freezing. Me and my friend Jimmy are driving to a party and I hit some black ice and the car spins out of control and hits like three trees. We were going to slow to be really injured but the car was damaged really good on one side. I remember it was like the scariest thing in the world at that time (not because of potential injury, but because my dad I knew was gonna take away my driving priviliges for awhile). Well anyway, because I was superstitious back than, when the accident happened, me and Jimmy were listening to Moribund The Burgermeister by Peter Gabriel really loud. (I dare say there may be a hundred other people in the world who even ever heard of that song). Me and Jimmy privatly thought we shouldn't have been driving that fast with the music really loud in bad weather and that might have contributed to the accident. So I've never listened to that song in the car again (superstitous), until this a.m. (for a few seconds by accident). Well, I listen to it not in the car, but its a no no in the car, cause you know, its a jinx. Well, I drove on pins and needles all the way into work and nothing happened. So I guess the curse is over.

What are tonights big Friday night activities? Making potato stew. I know that doesn't seem like much, but I work tomorrow and that potato stew will come in handy. The trick to potato stew is to use heavy cream. And throwing some clams into it doesn't hurt. (If its not a lot of clams you can still call it potato stew).

10/25/2002 03:05:00 PM
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