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Saturday, October 19, 2002


7:25pm AP Site Declaration

Five minutes to freedom. Blogger seems to be acting funny. You know whats weird? Every now and again I'll come accross a blog that I used to read (my favorites in I.E. is like a pack rat library) and the blog will have just stopped. For no reason, and its been months since the blog has been updated and no explanation of why the blogging stopped. I've noticed a couple of sites like that. And its spooky, cause your thinking, "I wonder what happened?". Like, did they get into a head on collision with an eighteen wheeler or did they just give up and not mention it on the site. So I decided that what I'm going to do is make my own little AP Site declaration. (Not that I can ever see myself stopping but just to be safe):

1)Should I ever stop blogging I will post that I am not blogging anymore and give some type of reason.

2)I will keep in my desk a note with my blogger I.D. and stuff in it and instructions that in case of my untimely sudden death that the person who finds the note should log into my blog and write what happened. (Now, this won't work if like my house blows up or something and destroys the note and me along with it, which would totally su&%, but nothing is perfect).

3)Should I be abducted by aliens or someone who wants to hold me for ransom (which is ludicrous considering how much money I don't have) said person who finds the note in my desk may, on a weekly basis, update my blog on the facts of the investigation of my disappearnce until I am found. Said person my not add personal thoughts and jokes or what not, and shouldn't mess with my links or template either, just the facts of the case. I mean, don't mess with my links please.

Well, I guess I am the first blogger to prepare for alien abduction. But you know, here at Your AP Site we think of everything.

10/19/2002 07:51:00 PM
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