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Wednesday, October 30, 2002


Finally, the seven day work stretch is over! Yessh. I couldn't blog at work yesterday cause there were a bunch of important people visiting working. Important people being from the headquarters of the company who pop in every couple months or so and walk around saying hello to everyone than disapearing til another group of important people come around. I'm not saying anything bad about the important people, but they always seem to come around when it is so inconvenient. You pretty much have to adjust your whole routine. You can't eat at your cubicle which means you have to eat down in the lunchroom. And thats just completley uncomfortable cause you have the three floors of our building all crammed together (and for some strange reason each floor looks down on the people who work in the floor below them), of course I'm on the bottom floor. So you have bunch of folks who don't like each other trying to eat as quick as possible so they can go back to their perspective floor. And of course when the important people come you can't where jeans. Which is a total bummer. If I were the important poeple I would show up unannounced so you really got a look at the way people work. I guess this happens in every big company though. Its funny to think of a thousand company important folks running around the country having a pretty much warped view of the way their company works. Of course if they did come around unannounced I probably wouldn't be able to wear jeans every day. Oh, I almost forgot the big pisser. You have to really clean up your cubicle and I probably mentioned this before, my cubicle has windows and they are a total pain to clean. Its amazing how many fingerprints they pick up and the window cleaner if forever streaking. I should have brought my windex in instead of the company's streaking all the time window cleaner. I wonder if they water it down.
Anyways, I've got two days off and I'm not sure exactly what I am going to do, I haven't had a chance to consult the TV Guide yet.I am going to have two cheeseburgers (with onions, mayonaise, ketchup, and pickles) before I go to bed though. And I might watch some of Any Given Sunday while I'm eating my cheeseburgers. Thats one of those movies like Jaws that I can just watch ten billions times if I am bored and not really get sick of it.
Oh yea, this morning was the morning (every Wednesday morning) that I'm supposed to put the trash out and I forgot and now I have three bags of garbage that are going to have to sit outside another week which means I will be putting like six or seven bags of garbage out next week which makes me so self concious cause I am thinking that my nieghbors are saying; "look at all that garbage coming from that house". Except of course my neighbor Spence, who remembers to put his out like once every three weeks.
Right now on TV Bill Mahr is talking to Jay Leno about the whole Iraq-war-oil thing. What is Bill Mahr doing on Leno? I thought his show was canceled.
Marylin Manson is now on Leno, I'm trying to listen to what he is saying but I can't help but focus on that weird right eye thing he has. About two years ago I my niece Ashley had two eye contacts that made your eyes look totally black and I tried them out (and they irritate the heck out of your eyes if you've never worn contacts) but my gosh it is the freakiest thing to look in the mirror at yourself and to see you have two completley black eyes (the eyes not the you know, punch in the face black eyes). Manson kind of looks like a clown with the lipstick. And I think Bill Mahr would rather not be there at all right now.

10/30/2002 09:27:00 PM
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