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Wednesday, October 23, 2002


Gun Control, Bed Wetting, And Making "Woopee"

Here at your AP Site we don't much often talk about controversial (sp?) (you see, we're not even sure how to spell "controverisal") issues. But we have to say, Darcy hit the nail on the head with this post.

But anyways, on to bed wetting. We had our in-laws up for the last two days. (well my in laws). And I had to help my soon to be brother in law stretch out on the bed that his son was going to be staying in (his son is ten) a long piece of plastic underneath the sheets cause his son is a bed wetter. Well, your AP Site author was a bed wetter until age 13. Which I have to say, was so traumatic it wasn't funny. Whenever you stayed over at a friend house you just prayed to God you wouldn't, you know, pee the bed. A lot of times I wouldn't stay over at a friend house because of it. I never "bed wetted" at a friends house (thank God), but it was cool to see that my soon to be brother in law was being discreet about the whole plastic on the bed thing. You know, not mentioning out loud how we had to spread plastic on the bed cause, you know who, might pee all over it. Okay, that means nothing to most folks, but if you were a bed wetter, well you know exactly what I am talking about. I would so love to know what causes that (bed wetting).

Making Woopee. I was watching TV Land the other night, The Newlywed Game in particular, (I love the Newly Wed Game) and whenever they mention you know what, they call it "Making Woopee". Well, I remember being just a wee bit of a kid and watching The Newly Wed Game and not knowing what "Woopee" was. So after awhile I asked my dad about it. He said that making "Woopee" was a tradition among newlweds. That after you were married you immediatly went home and made it. I asked him what it was that you made, and he said; "Toffee". He said you went home and you made sweet water toffee. (I would so love to know how he came up with that excuse, probably a spur of the moment thing), but you know, whenever I watch The Newly Wed Game and they mention "Making Woopee", my mouth kind of waters cause, I love Salt Water Toffee. (Or Taffee, depending on where you are from). Heck, my mouth is watering now.

10/23/2002 08:24:00 PM
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