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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

A New AP Site Quiz!!!

What do we do here when we are really bored? We make quizzes. Okay, this quiz is so borrowed from a million others, but what the heck. Its fun. We're going to do a quiz on the whole deserted Island thing. You know, "If you were stuck on a deserted Island....". Any way, here it goes.

If You Were Stuck On A Deserted Island And Had To Choose One ____ To Be With You, Who (or what) Would It Be?

Ex-President-Jimmy Carter. Not because I really care much for the guys opinions, but I know if like we were stuck there for a week without any food and I suddenly found a coconut or something, he probably wouldn't try to steal it from me. Also, I think he would tolerate all my whining and moaning about being stuck on a deserted island, as opposed to Ronald Reagan, who slap me around for being such a baby.

Rock Star-Stevie Wonder, cause he would never even see that I found a coconut.

Famous Criminal-Lizzie Borden. Without an axe, she ain't squat.

TV Star-The Professor from Gilligans Island. The car he made was the coolest.

Talk Show Host-Rosie O'Donnell. Cause I value her insights and opinions on current events, the issues that face America, I admire how she can entertain an audience. And I think, with Rosie, the Donner party could have lasted at least another week....

If I Had To Choose One.....

Book-The Bible. I don't really know what the deal is with the afterlife, but there is nothing wrong with hedging your bets. Plus, I could use the Old Testament pages to start a fire, but still be cool with God cause I would have the New Testament. (I am so hoping God has a sense of humor here, he must, he gave me one).

Movie-Lord Of The Flies. Reason being, after I got really lonely, I could watch this and be thankful no one else was on the Island with me (save Jimmy Carter). Remember what happened to Piggy? I so would not want to be Piggy.

CD-Pink Floyd The Wall. Its almost better than drugs.

Household Appliance- Hair Dryer. Cause if, according to Murder She Wrote, dropping one into a bathtub can kill a person, than I could dig a small little pond near the shore and when a fish swam into it I could drop the hair dryer into it and than I would be able to eat a fish. (I know there is no place to plug a hair dryer into on a deserted Island, but, its not like Jimmy Carter and I would get stuck on an Island, so pardon the suspension of reality).

Pet-That pig from the movie "Babe" (am I thinking of the right movie?). Cause he was so cute and cuddly and fool of joyfull optimism. And I could eat him.

Kitchen Utensil-Duh, the "Spork", half fork, half spoon.

It is so time for me to go to bed. (I so wanted to add more to this but I am so tired, and lazy).

10/01/2002 09:17:00 PM
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