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Thursday, November 21, 2002

amanda peterson

Yeesh, its happening again. Here at work I can't view my sites last two updates (I can see Monday nights entry) but thats it. I think it has something to do with cookies. I asked our computer guy Joel about it around 12pm on Tuesday. He said that sounded strange (I didn't say my blog, I said some other sites) and he would look into it. Of course a half an hour later he got laid off.

Save Farscape Dot Com, its sure as heck a lot more worthy than saving that karen girl.

Thanks to the McDonald's adding the Big and Tasty to their dollar menu I have been eating like a king for lunch all week. I know McDonalds did that so it would draw you in and you would by other stuff, but I just go through the drive through with my $2.12 and just get two of them. I wish they would put the Filet O Fish on the dollar menu.

Phil Hendrie is getting a TV Show. I heard it on the radio this morning and I'm going to try to find a link to it. I don't think its going to be like his radio show, but either or, it should be pretty funny. (Phil Hendrie is on talk radio and he does the voices of most of all the callers that call in).

You know what scares me? Horses. Yup. Now I think they're beautiful and all (especially the clydesdales) but when I get near one I get spooked. I work in Amish country so at least once a month or so I have to walk buy one and I't gives me the heebee jeebees thinking the horse is going to kick me or something. And I think the horse senses that, and the horse gets the heebee jeebees. Probably what I need to do is to ride a horse to get over my horse fear. Of course than there is my fear of what happened to Christopher Reeves happening to me.

On holidays they keep a skeleton crew here in the office (I like how I just got to use the phrase "skeleton crew"!), and with the recent layoffs I was just informed I would be a part of the skeleton crew on Thanksgiving. Oh happy day.

Roe Versus Wade? I have such a silly streak sometimes!

Lionel Richie is easy. Easy like Sunday morning. How do I know this? Cause the lame radio station we listen to here at work plays the same songs three of four times in one eight hour period. I used to love Jackson Brown's "Doctor My Eyes" until it made its way to their play list. Now they beat all the joy of that song out of it for me by playing it 21 times a week.

"People say 'How great to be Fabio- you have no enemies.' Well, Fabio does have one enemy...Coolio."

Well it looks like Tommy Maddox will be back playing for our Steelers soon. When I was watching the game I really thought something bad had happened to him. I've seen them cart folks off the field but not often in an ambulance. And usually they do this little hand wave thing (the injured person) and of course there was no hand waving from Tommy. I'm shocked out how quick he recovered. I wonder if he'll be able to overcome the mental part of the injury (not being spooked so much your gun shy).

11/21/2002 08:51:00 AM
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