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Monday, November 11, 2002


Well, on reconsideration, the tie games yesterday really peeves me off. The more I think about it, more I think we should have put the game away in the third quarter. It seems like what the steelers do is get a big lead and than go conservative, which we've got to stop doing.

I got stuck watching an episode of Little House on the Prarie yesterday where the family was in some weird place mining for gold and someone got shot and the mom wanted to go back home but the dad wanted to keep prospecting. Well it was a cotinuation episdoe and I'll probably never know how it ends (I really never watched the show except for when I was a kid). Not that I like the show or anything, I just would like to know how it ends.

Eminem's movie made like a godzillion dollars over the weekend and I know why. When I was coming back from the grocery store on Saturday night I drive past the movie theatre and are like a million cars in the lot and they're even parking on the side of the road. It was all mostly young people, and on movie billboard the name 8- Miles (I think thats right) was like in huge letters and the other movies were like in lower case. So I guess what I am saying is the reason it made a lot of money is because a lot of people saw it.

I was just reading a news article on msnbc that used the word "Manichaean" in a sentence. Even in the context they used it I couldn't understand what the word meant. The news should only use words that everyday people use, now I have to go hunt down what that word means.

Okay, I found out what that word means. It has something to do with "duelism". After I found that out I gave up cause it got really complicated (the meaning), suffice it to say it has nothing to a really cool movie that the guy from McLoud was in, or Aaron Burr.

"Sometimes when I'm at a McDonalds, I wait until nobody is looking, and then I stick my hand inside the straw dispenser and touch all the straws."
-David Bowie

Absolut on the Rocks Thats a story from Newsweek thats say a lot of people now are paying a ton more for the new label Vodkas than they did in the past years. And that these new expensive Vodkas are better in taste than than the old ones (Absolut). Personally, if I'm going to have a mixed drink I almost always lean toward Vodka (I always have a bottle of it in the cabnet at home actually). Whiskey seems to just make you weird drunk or something. But anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that of all the different type of Vodka I've tried, they all taste like crap. If you take it with orange juice its okay but irregardless of what brand, I can't imagine any vodka tasting really good. The cool thing about vodka is that you can drink it and the buzz it gives you is actually kind of relaxing, unlike whiskey or rum that just seems to make people crazy. Of course if you drink to much of it to quickly you get the same effect as whiskey or rum, but drinking vodka at a reasonable pace, I've noticed, usually does not give you the horrible hangover the next day and doesn't make you do crazy stupid stuff. The real danger of vodka (and I wonder if anyone ever studied this) is that you can become an alcoholic so much easier with it than with anything else. Of course I could be completley all wrong and be sounding like a ninny right now, but thats my two cents on it.

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11/11/2002 08:53:00 AM
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