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Wednesday, November 06, 2002


The coolest thing about voting yesterday (or really any election day) is that if you go there early when the polls just open when all the volunteers are really excited, you are treated like a celebrity on the way into the polls with everyone wanting to talk to you and hand you stuff. And on the way out than the exit poll people sometimes want to talk to you and if you are really lucky like was four years ago, a tv news crew will ask you some questions.

So now we have a brandy-new governor here in Pennsylvania. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion who would win though. Rendell certainly is a jolly happy looking guy, I don't think you could dislike him if you really tried.

The Russkies are suspiscous of Area 51. I really think we should just open that place up, I mean, if there's a UFO there, we should be told about it. I think the author at one point mentions that our stealth aircraft at Area 51 look a lot like witness accounts of the UFO that crashed.

I say hello, you say goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello.

Of course I've never been good at paraphrasing.

Pet Abuse Dot Com A data base of people who have been accused or convicted of animal abuse. Its cool, you can pick out your own state and see who the scumbags are.

This is weird, if you put i want to go home into the goole search engine, the first result is the Microsoft main page. (I'm bored here at work and put that into google to see what would happen).

Ever since last night I have felt like total poop. I think I picked up this bug from work and I think I'm starting to get over it (although the jury is pretty much out on that). I figure I'll list fom the time I felt like poop until now and than I can get a good look at how this bug works.

Tuesday 9:30pm- I knew something was wrong when I got home all I wanted to do was sit on the floor or lay on the sofa and complain about my muscles aching.

11pm-I noticed that my throat was really bothering me and I was generally feeling like crapola so I did a stupid thing (that did bring some immediate relief, but still stupid when your sick) I drank two shots of whiskey.

12:30am -I stopped watching TV and fell asleep on the sofa (not good for the back).

4am-I woke up and the back of my throat felt like someone was poking it with a hot iron. I couldn't find the chloroseptic which totally peed me off cause I know I had just seen it on the microwave stand the night before. So I had to settle for tylenol and ice water.

8am-I got off the sofa and tried sleeping in bed which was a bust for the first half hour cause I had to go to the bathroom but was hoping that the sleepyness would over come my need to go to the bathroom. It did not and I wasted a half an hour. I finally got back to bad (after a stop in the kitchen for lemonade). I had the TV on and the Today show distracted me for another ten mintues until I shut it off.

9am-I think I fell asleep but than the alarm went off at 9:30am. My legs really hurt and I had that "sicky" feeling, all warm and achey.

10:30am-On the drive in to work all I kept on thinking that I might fall asleep at the wheel, but about fifteen minutes into the drive I had a huge sneezing fit that last for like five minutes and I had only one McDonald's napking that I found in the glove box. That was not fun.

12:30pm-I ate chicken and potatoes for lunch and started feeling a little okay but my throat started to get sore again.

1pm-I take Ibuprofen and that really helps.

3pm-I eat some Encore Chicken and Dumplings (when I'm sick I am super hungry) and fell even more better (betterer).
So that takes me to now, where I do feel tired and my ears ache a little but I am drinking a ton of water.
11/06/2002 10:38:00 AM
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