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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

amanda peterson

Remeber the movie Heathers? One of the main characters, Kim Walker (she played the main Heather), died of cancer last year, total bummer. I loved that movie.

The life cycle of Cooties consists of the egg, larva, proto-cootie, trito-cootie, and male and female adult stages. The duration of these stages depend on the exact Cootie species, the culture medium used for rearing the cooties and the conditions of their habitats. In general, the optimum conditions for growth of the average cootie are temperatures of 20-25 degrees C and humidities of 70-80% RH. Further, cootie life cycles overlap so that all the stages can be found at one season.

I'm always reading about the Soprano's and how good it is, and I've got this bad feeling I am missing out on a really good show. Of course I would have to subscribe to HBO but I did that once before (and got Cinemax on a package deal) but there was never squat on. The movies shown on HBO would be the same ones that Cinemax played the next month. I think I saw the video store was renting out episodes of the show and maybe I'll do that. I hate the idea of missing a really good show.

Rams coach rips broadcaster over critical comments in USA Today. Personally I have to side with Terry Bradshaw here. If your going to do interviews out the wazoo when your team is winning a ton of games, you ought to some when they're getting pummeled as well. Plus I don't much care for the Rams.

Okay this is funny, at work we were talking about how superstitous some people are (me big time). My coworker told me that she was so not-superstitious that if she had been there she would have "finished the ham sandwhich that Mamma Cass chocked on." Of course Mama Cass died of a heart attack, but it was funny all the same. What my coworker said I mean.

I wonder if Daypop will every be working again. I think I remember reading on the site that it would out of service at the end of October for a week or so. Maybe the guy realized it was a little more than he could handle and closed up shop. Of course now that I said that it will be up and running tomorrow.

Day Pop Follow Up (not good news)
Well we decided to find out as much as we can about the latest Daypop outage, and thought what the heck, lets talk to a real journalist who might know something about it. We emailed Paul Boutin who writes for The Wired News. We figured we'd ask him cause back during the last Daypop outage he wrote an article about it. He responded and it turns out he's just as miffed as we are. He's tried to get ahold of the Daypop webmaster but his emails just bounce back to him. Hopefully this doesn't mean that Daypop isn't one of those really cool things that just disappear for no reason (like some blogs). You can read more of Paul's articles here.

11/13/2002 10:37:00 AM
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