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Saturday, November 23, 2002


I still can't see new updates on my blog here at work and unless every blog I like to read stopped updating on November 19th, I can't read anyone elses blog either. When I go to news sites I get the news from November 19th, but at least those, when I refresh, they give me the lastest stuff. When I refresh blogs I don't get the new stuff. So that means I can only read blogs at home until whatever this is stops. I did have a spooky thought though, if I was the last person on the planet as of the 19th, I can see what the blog community would look like.

From the Texas Death Row Website, on May 30th, 2002, Stanley Baker Jr. was executed. Thats pretty unremarkable until you see what his last meal was:
2 sixteen ounce rib eyes
1 pound turkey breast (slice thin)
12 strips of bacon
2 large hamburgers (with mayonaise, onion, lettuce)
2 large baked potatos (with butter, sour cream, and chives)
4 slices of cheese
chef salad (with bleu cheese dressing)
2 ears corn on the cobb
1 pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream (thats actually my favorite too)
4 vanilla cokes
1 Mr. Pibb
I mean, wow. You would think imminent death would ruin an appetite. Heck, If I'm having a stressfull day I find it hard to eat anything (except chocolate, which is weird). That site also has a list of all the folks Texas has executed and their final words, which is pretty fascinating. I noticed one prisoner requested a single bag of Jolly Ranchers (assorted).

"Originally I was the helmsman of the USS Enterprise. In Star Trek VI, I was promoted to the captain of the USS Excelsior. But each and every night I get to be admiral of my bathtub."
-George Takei

The dryer belt on our dryer broke like a week ago, and since I'm so handy with tools, I had to take the laundry to the laundry mat. Well, it was the first time I was at this one particular laundry mat and after I put the cloths in I noticed an open door at the back of the laundrymat and some wierd sounds coming from it. I decided to check it out and the room had a snack machine, a soda machine, and get this; a Pac Man machine. I've not seen a Pac Man machine in years (I actually remember buying the 45 "Pac Man Fever"). So I played it like ten times and came to two conclusions; 1)I'm still pretty good, and 2) "Pinky" is a bitch. Pinky allways gets me.

Today is actually the birthday of Billy The Kid (born in 1859). Had that weasly traitor Pat Garret (sp?) not shot him to death (according to Young Guns 2) he'd be 153 years old today.


"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything."

Even though studies show that the last thing anyone wants to listen to is someone elses dream, well here's mine from last night. I dreamt that it was a Sunday morning (for some reason I knew that it was Sunday morning in the dream) and I was watching TV and the doorbell rang. I answered the door and it was a guy from UGI (our local gas company, we have a gas fueled hot water heater) and he needed to read the meter. I took him down to the basement where our meter is and it was than that I realized, my meter reader was Jim Morrison of The Doors. I confronted him about it, and he got all pissed off about it, and he told me that if I told anyone who he was he would come back and "beat me like a red-headed step child". So, in my dream, I didn't tell anyone.

11/23/2002 01:12:00 PM
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