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Monday, November 04, 2002


Dipping crab meat into butter, mmmm....

Well, after work, we had crabs tonight. Yea I know how I said some time ago that I thought boiling any animal alive was totally wrong and what not, but we bought these crabs at the supermarket (they were already kapoot) and actually frozen. Well we nuked them and than dipped them into butter and ate like pigs. (I guess we probably should have steamed them but who has the time for that). But anyways this leads me to a story (if you're bored you can check out here). It reminds me of how we used to go crabbing when I was like twelve or younger. My Godparents who we called Uncle Fritz and Aunt Alice (no relation really, but we called them Aunt and Uncle, I never understood that) had a place near Point Pleasent N.J. Well once a year we would go there for a week in July and do the normal Pennsylvanian thing, you know, pale faces from a land locked state getting sunburned to heck on the beach and eating a ton of junk on the boardwalk.
Well (and back to the whole crab thing) my Aunt Alice and Uncle Fritzy would take us crabbing. And this might be why I don't feel so bad about eating crabs (at least back than I didn't) cause of the way we would do it. We would go out in my Uncle Fritzy's boat into the bay where the water was maybe about three feet deep. There were usually four of us, my sister and our God Parents. And each of us would have one fishing line with a big hook at the end. On the end of the hook you would put a piece of fish. The fish was pretty much easy to come by bait fish. You would take the fish and cut it into three sections, tail, midsection, and head. And you would put one of those sections on your line and lower it to the bottom of the bay. You would than wait for a crab to come side ways crawling up to the fish and start munching on it. You would than (while the crab had a good grip on the fish) slowly bring the crab up to the surface where Uncle Fritzy would be waiting with the net. The really cool (and Even Stevens thing) about this was the crab, as it got to the surface, had just as good a look at you, as you had at him. Fifty percent of the time the crab saw you and let go and swam away (with a good portion of your bait with him), the other half of the time you may or might not have gotten him. Either or, you both had pretty much the same chance of getting a free meal. I'm guessing with my coordination that there are alot more crabs that ate well, than I ate well on crabs.
Okay, enough blast from the past memories, time to go to bed.
11/04/2002 09:03:00 PM
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