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Monday, November 18, 2002


I forgot to take any money to work with me today, and when I was done work at 8:30pm I realized, the gas gauge is hovering about a millimeter over the "E". Luckily I'm a pretty sloppy person in the car when it comes to change. Whenever I'm at the McDonalds (or Burger King, or Wendy's, or Taco Bell, or Arbys, or Hardees) drive through I just give them bills and never go for the exact change (it so frustrates me when I am in a line and someone is taking all day finding that seven cents or whatever). So, I was able to dig around the car for change (that space between the back portion of the seats and the bottom portion (where you sit) is a like a great place to harvest spare change. I found almost seventy cents there. In the glove box I found about fifty cents, and in the door pockets I found another fifty cents, and under the the floor mats I found about thirty cents which gave me just over two dollars to take to the gas stations. Of course the counter person wasn't happy with counting out my change (and she made out like it was a big chore or something, having to count out nickels and dimes on the counter) but alas, I made it home. (I even had about twenty cents in pennies as a back up in case I counted wrong).

Here's one thing that bums me out. For some reason (this might have something to do with cookies or something) at work none of the blogs I visit show any updates for three or for days (even if I refresh the page), my own blog when I visit it at work still has my October 13th entry as the most recent. The real bummer about this is that I emailed PYRA about it and said my blogger isn't working its all your fault and what not, and they emailed me back (which I so did not expect) and said everything looks find on their end (which it was). Well anyways, the did send a link to me (which might be how they plan on dealing with blogger service issues that looks pretty cool) and it is Blogger Control, I pretty certain its in its beta stage now though. Beta I guess means, there's a ton of kinks so don't rag on us about the problems. Speaking of beta here's another link that is pretty cool Google Labs. The freakiest (sp?) thing is that the Google Voice search actually works. You call a phone number (its long distance so I suggest you do it at work like I did) and say what your search is, than Google says your search is complete, and you click on a link on your computer and they give you your results. How the heck do they do that? Of course the answer might be simple, but your talking to a person who has still (even after many tries) has tried to figured out how to make a balloon poodle (it amazes me that clowns can do that).

Oh yea, The Leonid Meteor Shower is lighting up the sky tonight, unless you live where I do. It seems like everytime there is some really cool space thing happening there is a ton of fog or some type of storm where I am.

"Insane In The Membrane..."
The five most scariest insane movie characters:

1) Leatherface (Texas Chain Saw Massacre) I put him up at the top cause, well, darn, he used a chain saw. Any mass murder killer type person who uses a chain saw, well I guess they belong on top (I hear it was somewhat of a true story (Ed Gyne) but I don't know how true that true story actually is).

Norman Bates (Psycho) Any person who kills like ten million folks and still manages to run a motel, well I guess that takes a special kind of skill, and business sense. The remake I didn't much care for. (Andy Sipowicz (sp?) is of Psycho 2 fame).

The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) Phantasm is like the movie no one saw (cause everyone saw Friday the Thirteenth and Halloween) but Phantasm (as far as I am concerened) was like a cereberal scary thing. Angus Scrimm just spooked me beyond belief

Michael Myers (Halloween) I almost put Jason Voohees ahead of him, but, I don't know. He just seemed that much more scarier (sp?). It might have something to do with him being the first psycho killer, or it might be that wicked mask he wears. Either or, I put him just about one peg above Jason Voorhees.

Friday The Thirteenth (Jason Voorhees) Of course the first movie it was Jason's mom that killed all those campers, but Friday the Thirteenth One and Two spooked me big time because when I was thirteen they were playing those two movies on network TV late at night (like 9pm which was late at night in the mid-eighties). I remember my mom cooking up a ton of popcorn (back when you actually had a pot and poured oil on the bottom and popped the corn yourself) and that was like the spookiest movie you would ever see. (And I'm fairly certain my mom regretted ever letting us watch that movie), but oh well.

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