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Saturday, November 30, 2002

amanda peterson

I was thinking about this on the ride home from work today (you know I am such the deep thinker) that in almost the two years I've had this site I don't think I've used the "F" word once. Not that I'm patting myself on the back or anything, cause in conversation I use the "F" word (and plenty others all the time). I pretty much believe that a well placed profane word adds emphasis and can be really funny. But I just can't get a curse word in my blog to seem anything but someone throwing out a curse word for no good reason. Darcy curses on the dork blog pretty good sometimes, but it always seems funny when than. When I try to curse on my blog it just looks lame and not funny and I end up editing it out or something.

My Twin Sister, Queen Of The Taste Buds

My Sister stopped by last night for a couple hours (my sister will stop by your house on holidays, but otherwise believes in my theory of; "Don't pop in and visit me at home, I'm tired and want to be left alone, just call or something."). Well anyways, she wanted a cup of hot tea and I got a mug out and was going to stick it in the microwave and she was like all put off by that and asked that I use the tea pot. I did but told her, hot water is hot water no matter how you make it. She said not so, that she could tell the difference between hot tea from the microwave and hot tea from a tea pot instantly. Of course I called her a bald faced liar. So we did a test. She agreed to leave the room and I made two cups of tea from the tea pot on the stove, and two cups of tea from the mircowave. I added her requested on teaspoon of sugar and a couple drops of tea in each one and than randomly placed them on the counter. So she comes back in, takes one sip of each one, and than points out which ones came from the microwave and which ones came from the tea pot. And she was right! So I guess there really is a difference. I'm sure that just blows you mind or something. Its been like five years since I had hot tea from a tea pot, so I guess I've forgotten that it might taste better. And I wonder why the two taste different?

Check this super cool thing out down below. Kim made this. She calls it "a free christmas songs javascript "thingy" for people with blogs and webpages". Of course I call it something that would take me ten and a half years to figure out how to do.

Note: Its on the left side menu now.

11/30/2002 08:36:00 PM
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